1-on-1 Empowered Living Coaching Program

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Are you ready to understand what keeps getting in your way?

Let's take a closer look...the answer's are just itching to reveal themselves...and once they do there will be nothing stopping you.


This eye opening, "ah-ha" producing, layer peeling, program is for soul-powered women who are searching for an undeniable access to GROWTH and the ultimate power of self-understanding. Knowledge of self is the key to unlocking overflowing abundance in every area of your life.

Combining the mind blowing insight and awareness producing techniques, as well as, the miracle manifesting power of Feng Shui with "spot on" intuitive coaching, guidance, and support, will launch you into a state of crystal clear clarity, aligning you with your true power, passion and purpose.

This is a transformative life changing process that is designed to fully support you on your journey to a deeper level of connection, understanding and TRUST. All of your deep rooted truths are physically manifested in your home...You'll be amazed and empowered by what you discover.  The process is so revealing and enlightening that consistent breakthrough's, forward momentum and non-stop progress are the results...

Are you ready to be awakened to a life FILLED with Passion, Purpose, Pleasure, Peace and Prosperity? The answers you've been searching for are all right here.




With the 1-on-1 Empower Living Coaching Program you will receive:

  • An Initial Intensive with Jen to get crystal clear about WHERE you are right this minute, where your blocks are repeatedly showing up in your life and what you can focus on to create forward momentum RIGHT NOW. Action steps will be defined and you will be immediately on your way to BREAKING THROUGH and fully aligning and igniting your life.

  • Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls

  • "VOXER" ACCESS -Questions answered in real time, by Jen...(Voxer is a Walkie-Talkie app which allows instant contact)

  • A Full Analysis and Intuitive Review of your Home Floor Plan and the layout of your Manifestation (Bagua) Map

  • Weekly Email Check-in's for Accountability

  • Full Access to All 9 Training Modules

  • Full Access to the Abundance Academy materials and experience

  • Full access to the Abundance Academy Monthly Mastermind

  • Clarity, Courage, Inspiration, Breakthrough's...RESULTS

If you are serious about creating change in your life this is the program you've been looking for.

Please note: Due to the unique and personalized nature of this work the 1-on-1 Coaching Program, places are extremely limited. Should this 1-on-1 coaching option feel right to you please schedule a complimentary 20 minute discovery call with Jen to discuss the details of the program.


1-on-1 Breakthrough Coaching Experiences:


The results I got from working our 1-on-1 work together were all around CLARITY and the "ooooohhhhhh!" moments. When you zoomed in on that one BIG thing that kept coming up for me, i.e. tapping into my creativity - I realized that, one, I was not accepting that about myself, and two, that because I was not accepting it, it was creating a huge block. The awareness that Feng Shui has brought me helps me see the block when it arises so I can releases it and then be "OK" with that part of myself again.

My home and office being true energetic representations of me, and things showing up physically as a problem or a block in MY spaces, is also a way for my logical mind to be able to wrap itself around energetic blocks. That is life changing for someone who needs their mind to understand something in addition to accepting the energetic component.

-Deepa Ramachandran- www.Deepa Ramachandran.com



The changes I've made in our home have been life changing. I started a business this past year. After working with Jen, things started falling into place.
I found myself in the right place at the right time on many occasions.
I had a renewed confidence in myself that gave me the courage to takes new risks.
I can see the growth happening before my very eyes.

Thank you, Jen. Thank you for everything.

(One year later) Everyday I find a way to SHWAY and everyday it gets better: HUGE business clarity, healing relationships, surprise money, ease in sharing my truth, more confidence, and incredible shifts with my husband as well (even though he's not "doing" the work).


Feng Shui is AMAZING.

You will not regret digging in here if you make the commitment to do the work. It just keeps getting better!

Amanda Kingsley - Shelburne Falls, MA  -  www.thewhyhive.com



Even if you consider yourself a bit of a skeptic, I challenge you not to get something amazing from working with Jen. I’d always loved the idea of Feng Shui, but never took it to the next level by really examining my intention behind each of the changes.

The work with Jen was easy to understand, super simple to put into place and completely custom for MY personal goals and challenges.

Not only does she bring a wealth of knowledge, but Jen has a bit of extra magic (let’s call it intuition, but it’s deeper than that) that she generously brings to each of the people she works with as well. For example, I was having trouble with out of the blue lower back pain and I couldn’t get it resolved by going to the doctor, etc. Jen messaged me asking if there was something broken in a particular area of the house (based on the bagua map) and, sure enough there was! I got that thing straight out and my back issue improved a ton; it’s crazy! More than anything, I like the lifted energy that comes from making tiny improvements in my home, the positive intention that I’m mindful of and the feeling that I am empowered to make the sorts of changes that will make tomorrow even better than today.

Anjanette Fennell - New South Wales- Australia - www.yourliterarycoach.com


I have put my faith in Jen and her knowledge of Feng Shui! Jen has an approachability as well as an intuition that make it easy to take her advice about the home and the heart. Since working with her, I have started focusing more: on the habits I easily fall into, on the stories I tell myself, and on the ways that my home reflects and feeds into my psyche. I have become more connected to my home, and therefore more invested in my family, my future, and my well-being. The Feng Shui journey has been a truly valuable experience.  - Erin MacLachlan - @erinmaclachlanarbonne @erinmaclachlanarbonne


Have you been curious about Feng Shui but don't know where to begin? I have been working with Jen Heilman since we moved in to our new home and have been blown away with what we've learned and have been able to implement through her teaching and personal support. Image if you could up the abundance ante and the energy in your life by making a few intentional tweaks to your space? Jen has helped us "shway" our new house and the shifts in energy, abundance and flow have been amazing. I cannot speak more highly about Jen and her super (intuitive) powers...if you have been interested in Feng Shui...here's your chance to get 1:1 support and get your Shway on!! xo-Amber Lilyestrom- Lee, NH -www.amberlilyestrom.com