Four Pillars of Receiving

"I'm on a quest to bring in Balance-- As a busy mom I often forget how to ask for help, receive love, allow abundance and accept knowledge--( I forget how to receive)...Last week I felt drawn to clean out my Kitchen- (the Knowledge area of my home) then I moved on to the mudroom- (the Helpful People area of my home), then the Wealth area and finally the Love area... the four corners of the Bagua...I realized after the fact that I was subconsciously clearing out what I NOW call "The 4 Pillars of Receiving". Since doing this I have made huge progress in my ability to be OPEN TO RECEIVING--My receptivity levels have sky rocketed and I feel myself balancing out and opening to the universal gifts that have been just waiting to jump into my life...waiting for me to be open to receiving them. 
I realized that I was the only one holding me and my life back...just me....and therefore I'm the only one who can choose to try and see where things need fixing...just me...and maybe, my buddy, the Universe.
Feng Shui provides me with the tremendous gift of sight and seeing...I just have to be open to seeing it."

After I wrote that I decided I would put together a self guided course that focused on balancing the tides of giving and receiving. If you struggle with RECEIVING on multiple levels, as most of us do, it's time to peel back the layers and use your Feng Shui eyes and sensors to discover where things are going off course for you. 

You will spend one week in each of the 4 areas- Wealth -allowing yourself to receive and accept abundance, Love -opening your heart by being more receptive and accepting, Helpful People -learning how to be more open to receiving help and guidance and Knowledge -understanding your own inner wealth of knowledge and trusting it's guidance.

I have pulled in videos from my "Find Your Shway 2.0" Course to explain each area and it's underlying meanings (so if I say in the video, "Welcome to Week #5!" instead of 1,2,3,4, that's why. ;) 

Each week you will have written exercises that are dedicated to learning how to expand your awareness in each of the 4 Pillars of Receiving using the magical methods of Feng Shui. 

Facebook group- Head over to the "Shway Me!- The Healing Art of Feng Shui" group for open discussions about Feng Shui in a supportive and fun learning environment. 

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(1) Draw your Floor plan and superimpose the BAGUA over the top.

Click below for step by step instructions:

(2) Watch each of the videos in the sequence and complete the written exercises. Happy Shwaying!!

Week One- Wealth and Abundance

Week Two- Helpful People and Travel


Week Three- Love and Relationships

Week Four- Knowledge and Self Cultivation