I see you over there…Tired of just going through the motions…wondering, “Is this what my life, my happiness, is meant to looks like? Is this the level of success I'm meant to reach?”

I see you over there…Getting glimpses of the FACT that you were put on this planet to do BIG, BEAUTIFUL things...You were put here to INSPIRE others and lead them towards their own success....you can feel it at your core...you're right on the edge of a breakthrough but something keeps getting in the way and you can't quite define what it is.

I see you over there…Making repeat attempts at CHANGE and not getting the right kind of SUPPORT so the results are small and fleeting.

I see you over there…Wondering WHY just when you seem to gain some traction in what feels like the right direction..…BAM.....You hit that self-inflicted brick wall again and you feel you have to redirect or restart.

I see you over there...Wondering if this is what the rest of your life is meant to look like.

I see you SO CLEARLY in all of this…because I’ve been exactly where you are…and I know how frustrating and defeating it is to be on the edge of breaking through...I know what it is like to crave JOY and Fulfillment...Purpose and SUCCESS...I know.

I know what it's like to be on the edge of BREAKING THROUGH but NOT be able to DEFINE what the blocks are and where they are rooted...I understand the frustration of seeing your dreams so clearly but not being able to fully step into them...I understand the yearning for ANSWERS to the Why's...the why isn't it happening?!

I know you can't stop, just like I couldn't stop...until I figured it out...until I broke through...

For myself, for you and for everyone we are here to help and inspire.

You were put here for a VERY important reason...and we are going to guide you to the full expression of that reason. I was here to help you understand that reason, help you navigate your way through your blocks and fully step into your passion and purpose.

There is an easier way and that's why I created the


Just for


for this very reason…to guide you to the answers you need to take flight.

As a soulful woman and entrepreneur you intuitively know that if you could easily name the blocks you are experiencing you could break on through to the other side!  the only thing keeping your life and business in a perpetual holding pattern with no success in sight...is You.

You are your Business, You are your LIFE.

If self-defeating beliefs are your arch-nemesis...

then Feng Shui is your super hero...

Success is waiting for you.


What's holding you back from fully embracing your talents and skills?

Why are you choosing to stay small in your life and business when you know in your heart how much you have to offer?

Blocks show up everywhere in our lives and in all shapes and forms. Often times, it can be difficult to see and define what you are experiencing...and if you can't define it, you can't change it.

This is the beauty of the Abundance Academy...I'll show you how to


the very things that are getting in your way.

Once you see how, you'll be amazed at how seemingly simple it is to keep yourself on track and become more powerful than any blocks that may threaten to throw you off track in the future.



Are you ready to embrace the magic and the richness this life has to offer? 

Are you willing to put down the struggle and strife, the blah, the lack luster and the feelings of depletion, frustration and unworthiness?

Are you ready to understand where you are blocking your abundance and success once and for all?

Then there is just one more thing to say, WELCOME!!

I'm so happy you are here!

This is an absolute game changer...

I want to take a couple seconds just to imagine what your life will look like one year from now IF you keep doing EXACTLY what you are doing now...what did you see?

Hmmmm....Looks pretty much the same....Do you crave "the same"?

NOW, I want you to imagine the transformation your life has undergone one year from now after joining the


What do you see?


I have created a fun and supportive adventure for soul-centered, like minded women who are searching for consistent and sustainable life and business growth with the eye opening, mind blowing, block blasting, dream manifesting power of Feng Shui, along with my own intuitive guidance, coaching and support you will BLOOM and never stop BLOOMING as you continue to expand and grow.

This is a transformative program. It's designed to give coaching support for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of how they can use their space and the power of Feng Shui as a tangible tool to uncover the deeply rooted blocks that keep you from moving into a life filled with ABUNDANCE, love, inspiration and SUCCESS! 

This program is set up with quick and easy weekly assignments that will propel your life forward in the most amazing way.

9 Beautifully Mind Blowing Modules to Change Your Life...to have you fully stepping into your joyfully abundant life.

This fully online Abundance Academy experience includes:

(Here's how it breaks down through-out our year together.)

Eight Modules where we will BREAKTHROUGH your Abundance blocks in all Eight themes in your life:

  • Module One: Creatively and Authentically Expressing Yourself-Are you able to express yourself freely and creatively? Are you speaking your truth? How living from an authentic state will fill your life with joy and abundance.
  • Module Two: Developing Your Support Network and Spiritual Connection- Are you in the right place at the right time? The power of SERENDIPITY and using it to build the ease of success and abundance.
  • Module Three: Discovering Your Life Path, Passion & Purpose- Are you scared to unleash your true potential? Learn to fully embrace your power, unleash your passion and purpose.
  • Module Four: Self-Cultivation & Developing Your Intuition- Do you know what truly makes YOU happy? The deeper KNOWING of YOU and developing the intuitive power to know what works and what DOESN'T work for YOU and your life.
  • Module Five: Releasing the Past- What's keeping you stuck in the past? Healing old hurts so you can let go and LAUNCH into your Joyfully Abundant future.
  • Module Six: Building Self-Worth & Embracing Abundance- Do you feel worthy of Abundance? Flexing your SELF- WORTH muscles and how to get your Abundance flowing.
  • Module Seven: Stepping into the light of your SUCCESS- When you are deeply connected to your higher power and you allow that UNDERSTANDING to flow through you...People take notice and support you in your success.
  • Module Eight: Accepting Love & Nurturing Relationships- The deep rooted connection between LOVE and ABUNDANCE and how to get them both FLOWING.
  • Module Nine: The importance of your Health & Well-Being- How is your over all health and well-being directly linked to your abundance attitude? Are you blocking your level of abundance by neglecting your health?


There will be WEEKLY exercises and assignments based on the Module Themes listed above:

  • Week One: The Healing Art of Feng Shui- Using Feng Shui to bring your souls callings to light, unleashing your passion & purpose, and clearing your path to success.
  • Week Two: Ouch! I think I pulled a Chakra: The Importance of Chakra Health, how it's related to Feng Shui and how it's all affecting your health and abundance.
  • Week Three: Follow the CLUES: Upper Limit Abundance Blocks Revealed and Released.
  • Week Four: Tis' the SEASON: Understanding the seasons and how they are affecting you physically, emotionally and spiritually, and how to flow WITH them not against them.
  • Week Five: Guest Speaker: Interviews and Insights from Real People, Living in their Passion & Purpose surrounded by Joyful Abundance.
  • Week Six: Looking with in: Internal Reflection and Catch up week.

Daily Connection, Coaching and Support through the private Facebook Group, Weekly Facebook LIVE CHATS, and Online Office Hours for Q+A and Support.


This is an amazing group where you'll receive daily support, guidance and inspiration. It's also an incredible opportunity to connect with like minded women who are on a similar journey and path as you are. 

What would it be like to have a whole sisterhood holding space for you everyday?

Holding you up, holding you steady and accountable, helping you through your struggles, sharing in your joys, CELEBRATING your success, helping you welcome in your ABUNDANCE?

I'll tell you what it's like...It's MAGIC.

We are not meant to continue on this journey alone. It's too easy to slip back into to self limiting, negative patterns...And now you don't have to...and it's all online...anyone can participate from anywhere.


EXPERT GUEST SPEAKERS: During the 5th Week of each MODULE we will receive incredible insight from one of these Soul-Centered Beauties (via either Facebook Live Chat in the Group or ZOOM Video Conference.)

  • Module One: Amber Lilyestrom- Branding & Business Coach- Discussing The Power of Authentically Expressing Yourself.
  • Module Two:  Rachel Camfield- Life, Leadership and Business Coach-Discussing the Joys and Gifts that come with Serving Others.
  • Module Three: Amanda Kingsley- Women's Empowerment Coach- Discussing Your Life Purpose and the Power of Knowing Your "WHY".
  • Module Four: Jaimee Roncone- Massage Therapist and Wellness Coach- Discussing way to Understand, Recognize and Tap into Your Intuition.
  • Module Five: Lisa Byrd- Mother/Daughter Relationship Coach- Discussing the Power of Healing Relationships and Letting Go.
  • Module Six: Liza Witonis- Money Management Coach- Discussing the Deeper, Soulful Side of Money Management.
  • Module Seven: Celeste Frenette- Soulful Business Success Coach: Discussing What Level of Success You are VIBRATING at and How it Affects you Being "SEEN".
  • Module Eight: Sami Wunder- Love and Relationships Coach- Discussing the Importance of Receiving Love and it's direct relationship to Receiving Abundance. 
  • Seasonally throughout the year: Naomi Paulson Calderon- Heath Coach: Discussing Seasonal Eating 101: Using the 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine for Healthy Living.

Abundance Academy Mastermind

This Abundance Academy Mastermind is a fantastic opportunity for those who want to make an even larger leap in their life and business...all now included in the Abundance Academy.

You'll receive:


During these mastermind sessions you'll receive direct access to coaching from me. 

Intuitive coaching just for your specific questions and needs...

Ah-ha's galore, Clarity, Support, Direction, Motivation...BREAK-THROUGH's!!

Plus, you'll also have the distinct advantage of learning from your fellow mastermind participants unique questions and experiences. We learn so much from one another! We are stronger and smarter together.


BONUS: Lifetime Access!

When you sign up for the Abundance Academy you are automatically qualified for LIFETIME ACCESS

to all of the Abundance Academy offerings.

Your journey doesn't end in 12 months...Continue to expand and grow for years to come.

As I learn and expand, you will learn and expand...forever learning and expanding, together. How amazing is that??


Open your Heart...Breathe it in...



Ready to jump into the flow and feel the ease of life again.

Tap into your JOY. 

Recognize your souls whispers.


Launch your dreams.

Easily and magnetically attract and connect with beautifully inspiring people. 

FULLY Breakthrough and Embrace Your Passion & Purpose.



Say YES to fully stepping into the beauty of your SUCCESS.

Enroll now for Immediate Access to the abundance academy Experience.


Current Abundance Academy Member Experiences:

"As I have gone further down the road on my spiritual awakening, it became apparent that my environment would no longer support further growth. The need to create a harmonious place in which I could be my best self in servicing my clients became a top priority. I knew instinctively that things (literally) were blocking and clouding my energy. I could have read a number of books and studied for months and years to learn and implement Feng Shui, but Jen popped into my life and I felt called to connect. I love that she uses her gift of intuition when working with clients. From the very first moment of our intro call, I knew SHE was the right person. And to further confirm, she stated absolute truth about my environment, family, and frustrations without having ever seen my home."   Lisa Byrd- Mother/Daughter Relationship Coach- www.definitelylisa.com


"I had no idea that small changes to our home could result in such remarkable changes. There have been so many shifts, but the family/heritage area was probably the most amazing. We were introduced to family members we didn't know existed, some deep family wounds were finally healed, and we were able to resolve some ongoing family issues. Changes in the wealth area also showed immediate results. New found business opportunities and several unexpected windfalls of money just to name a few! Not only is Jen a great teacher, she is also incredibly intuitive! She can make recommendations to shift certain areas of your life, just by looking at your floor plan as it relates to the bagua map. She is so spot on, it will blow your mind! I feel so blessed to have been given the opportunity to be a part of this course. My work has just begun and I'm so excited to see what shifts are yet to come!❤"  - Beth Hicks

"Ok, are you ready for this?! It took ONE freakin' day! I was offered my dream job today! Doing what I love and a HUGE pay raise!!!😍😍😍😍 I should have cleaned that dang Helpful People Area a long time ago, LoL! ONE FREAKIN' DAY LATER!!!!! Crazy! I'm on top of the world!!!" -Beth Hicks



"Everyday I find a way to SHWAY and everyday it gets better: HUGE business clarity, healing relationships, surprise money, ease in sharing my truth, more confidence, and incredible shifts with my husband as well (even though he's not "doing" the work). Jen is AMAZING. Feng Shui is AMAZING. You will not regret digging in here if you make the commitment to do the work. It just keeps getting better!             

Amanda Kingsley - www.thewhyhive.com



"Have you been curious about Feng Shui but don't know where to begin? I have been working with Jen Heilman since we moved in to our new home and have been blown away with what we've learned and have been able to implement through her teaching and personal support. Imagine if you could up the abundance ante and the energy in your life by making a few intentional tweaks to your space? Jen has helped us "shway" our new house and the shifts in energy, abundance and flow have been amazing. I cannot speak more highly about Jen and her super (intuitive) powers...if you have been interested in Feng Shui...here's your chance to get 1:1 support to get your Shway on!! xo         

Amber Lilyestrom- www.amberlilyestrom.com

Enroll now for Immediate Access to the abundance academy Experience


Would you like to take it a step further?

Feeling like you need some extra love and attention to truly blast those blocks and finally breakthrough?

Exclusive 1-on-1 Clarity & Breakthrough Coaching

Abundance Academy Experience +  1-on-1 Clarity & Breakthrough Coaching


This unique opportunity includes:

The Abundance Academy (and all of it's life changing goodness)

The Abundance Academy Mastermind (and all of the insight and magic)


1-ON-1 CLARITY & BREAKTHROUGH COACHING (access to Jen and her block blasting intuition & expertise)


With the addition of 1-on-1 Clarity & Breakthrough Coaching with Jen you will receive:

  • An Initial 90 Minute Intuitive Intensive with Jen

  • (8) 45 minute 1-on-1 Clarity Coaching & Breakthrough Sessions with Jen (one for each module)

  • Full Review of your Floor Plan and Bagua Map

  • Unlimited Email Access

  • Access to 8 Mastermind Group Coaching Sessions

  • Direction, Focus, Clarity, Breakthrough's...RESULTS

  • Lifetime Access to the Abundance Academy materials and experience

Please note: Due to the unique and personalized nature of this work the Abundance Academy 1-on-1 Clarity & Breakthrough Coaching places are extremely limited. Should this exclusive option call your name, please fill out the application below. It will be sent off to Jen and she will be in touch to arrange a discovery session to go over the details.


More Abundance Academy Member Experiences:

"There has been so much gestating in me lately about my work in the world and this week in particular has been HUGE in terms of personal revelations, ah-has, and visions about where I want to be in my career five years from now. I feel like I'm cracking the code in terms of where I'm going and how I'm going to do it! A whole new level of clarity has become available to me. Super exciting!!! Loving the clarity and immensely grateful for it. Many thanks to this class for getting the energy flowing!!!"      - Meggie Winchell - www.soulcenteredlifecoaching.com


"I have put my faith in Jen and her knowledge of Feng Shui! Jen has an approachability as well as an intuition that make it easy to take her advice about the home and the heart. Since working with her, I have started focusing more: on the habits I easily fall into, on the stories I tell myself, and on the ways that my home reflects and feeds into my psyche. I have become more connected to my home, and therefore more invested in my family, my future, and my well-being. The Feng Shui journey has been a truly valuable experience."         - Erin MacLachlan -


"I just got a letter from my boss yesterday stating that he will be giving bonuses later this year, and is matching my 401 k contribution. This equals THOUSANDS of dollars! Not to mention a complete about face in his previous behavior, and (finally) following through on some of his promises. Not a bad return on investment of $15 for a fresh bouquet of purple flowers in my wealth area!"     - Sara -