What is the Bagua?


Let’s dive in and talk about the most important tool in FENG SHUI:

The Bagua (Bah-gwa) Map.

Every time I say this to someone new to feng shui, the reaction is the same: “The Bah What?”

In the Chinese language, “Ba” means 8, for the 8 outer sections of the Ba-gua.  “Gua” means trigram or section.  Each Gua has its own meaning, element, color, and energy.   Once we know which area of a space corresponds to which life aspiration, we can enhance our environment in such a way that our environment helps us achieve our goals (for example, using a specific color in a room to either encourage relaxation or motivation).

The Bagua Map is a tool for determining where different aspects of your life are represented in your home or office. 

This map will be laid out over the floor plan of your house, apartment, office or individual room.  You can even apply it to other smaller areas of your house like your desk.  Or larger areas like your entire property.  This amazing little map is going to help make all your dreams come true! 

Each area of your life is directly related to an area within your home.  Everything that happens in your life can be placed in one of these 9 categories, and the Bagua Map helps you place it:

1.    Wealth & Abundance

2.    Fame & Reputation

3.    Relationships & Love

4.    Family & Heritage

5.    Health & Well Being

6.    Creativity & Children

7.    Knowledge & Self-cultivation

8.    Career & Life Path

9.    Helpful Friends & Travel

The Bagua directly connects your space to your life.  Once you know where a specific area is located within your home or office, such as the Wealth & Abundance area or the Relationships & Love area, you can begin to enhance it with the proper colors, symbols and intentions.  Then, look out! Major changes heading your way!

You’ll start to be able to answer a lot of your own questions when you see, for instance, that there is a box of old shoes in your Wealth & Abundance area, or photos of you and your ex in your Relationships & Love area!!  Feng shui teaches you to look at your living space more literally and see what signals you are sending yourself.  If you are trying to move on or find your soul mate, you may want to rethink the old photos hanging in your love corner!

By removing or fixing the blocks, enlivening the energy and setting your intentions in each area, you will begin to discover a life filled with abundance, joy, balance and ease.  You will be on your way to happiness once more!

Here is a real life examples from one of my clients:

This client quickly sketched her floor plan from memory, took a photo of it with her phone and emailed it to me.  I was able to quickly draw the Bagua Map over the floor plan and get back to her with my assessment of her space. 

After looking at her floor plan, this is exactly what I told her:

“Looks like you've got a big void where your Helpful Friends & Travel area should be. I'm guessing you could use some help with things running more smoothly in your life? Finding the right teachers and people to help you? Finding yourself in the right place at the right time more consistently? Being treated more fairly and honestly by others? Basically, your team of helpers is out of whack and unassembled, which makes life incredibly difficult.  I can help you find an easier way. By the way, having a void in that area can also put a large drain on your finances.”

This was her exact response:

“HOLY *%*#!!! How did you get into my head and figure me out when even I can't do that?  Literally just made the hair on the back of my neck stick straight up and brought tears to my eyes. I’m stunned; you stopped me dead in my tracks.”

The Bagua map will change your life.