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You have BIG dreamS.

You have big plans.

But...the blocks, the issues, the struggles, always seem to get in the way...

It just feels like you are always swimming up stream...

So here you are asking yourself,

"How do I breakthrough?

What am I doing wrong? Why can't I make this fly? Why can't I make this flow?"

And then the doubt starts to creeps in...

It's an uphill battle to ease, freedom, and success if you don't have the proper tools to guide you to the ANSWERS...

the answers...

isn't that the key to this whole thing?


When you bump up against the struggles and the blocks isn't clarity you be guided in your next move by crystal clear clearly see your way through to the other side of the struggle?

What if I told you that after our 90 minute Breakthrough Session you'll no longer feel frustrated or defeated but instead you'll have massive amounts of crystal clear clarity about your next move.

You'll feel inspired and confident.

You'll have a plan and an understanding of how to FINALLY leave these struggles and blocks behind you...

Are you ready to breakthrough?

Grab your spot right here...

90 Minute Breakthrough session includes:

A thorough analysis of your home detailing where the most critical "hot spots" are. These "hot spots" will point to issues you are currently struggling with in your life and lead to insights about underlyingissues that are often difficult to recognize in other therapeutic modalities. 

Your self-limiting beliefs and energetic blocks have physically manifested in your home...making them easy to spot and uncover. To put it simply, the current state of your LIFE is being reflected in your HOME and your HOME is reflecting the current state of your LIFE.

We will get to the heart of the issue very quickly and define where your biggest blocks are showing up in your life and how you can begin to dive in and fix them with the power Feng Shui.

We will discuss how to implement the fixes and enhancements to ensure effective shifts and changes...Expect Breakthrough's like you've never experienced before...they are going to happen!

Also included:

Access for 6 weeks to The Shway Sisterhood Abundance Academy! (Join us for One Module) Where you will experience the magic of Feng Shui EVERYDAY!

 "FIND YOUR SHWAY": A Feng Shui Workbook for future, easy to understand, reference for all your Feng Shui questions.

Q + A via email for up to 4 weeks after your breakthrough session.


Are you ready for the Ah-Ha’s ?! Are you ready for ANSWERS?


Clients often ask me after their analysis,

"HOW could you possibly know that?! "

(Hint: Your Home tells me.)

Let's get started!