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...Clarity On Call...

60 Minute 1-on-1 Clarity Session for Shway Clients and Academy Members.


I'll let you in a little secret...

I KNOW exactly where you keep getting blocked, stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed in your life and business...AND...I know WHY you continue to spin your wheels...AND...I know why joy and abundance continue to evade your life.

How? Simple. I have a very effective tool that I use that allows me to identify the subconscious blocks that have been keeping you from living the best version of your life.

For me, Feng Shui plays a major roll in my ability to follow the clues that your subconscious has left behind...but another integral piece to my process is my ability to tap into my own intuition and complete the puzzle for you...and that's how real progress is made.

Feng Shui acts like a 'control panel' or a 'map' to your life. I can literally SEE where blocks are occurring in your life and business just by looking at the layout of your home or office space. Crazy? Not really. I can teach you how to do it too and the best's WILDLY EFFECTIVE!! 

Using the methods of Feng Shui and my own intuitive techniques I am able to SEE very clearly and very quickly what areas of your home, work space, LIFE and BUSINESS are blocking your flow and your forward momentum.

A little Client Love:

"As I have gone further down the road on my spiritual awakening, it became apparent that my environment would no longer support further growth. The need to create a harmonious place in which I could be my best self in servicing my clients became a top priority. I knew instinctively that things (literally) were blocking and clouding energy.

I could have read a number of books and studied for months and years to learn and implement Feng Shui, but Jen popped into my life and I felt called to connect. I love that she uses her gift of intuition when working with clients. From the very first moment of our intro call, I knew she were the right person. And to further confirm, she stated absolute truth about my environment, family, and frustrations WITHOUT having ever seen my home."

Lisa Byrd-Mother/Daughter Relationship Coach

60 Minutes to Clarity

...Clarity On Call...