Feng Shui Transformational Coaching for increased Abundance, Inspiration and Expansion in your LIFE and BUSINESS.

One-on-One Private Coaching

Have you reached a place where you are READY to take action and commit to creating real CHANGE?

Are you ready to FEEL and awaken the POWER that exists within you?

Are you ready to access crystal clear CLARITY and embrace the EASE and FREEDOM that free flowing abundance brings?



I'll let you in a little secret my gorgeous friend...

Using the methods of Feng Shui and my own intuitive techniques, I am able to SEE very clearly and quickly what areas of your home, office, life and well-being are blocking your ultimate goal for success and abundance.

Aligning your living and working environment with my approachable use of Feng Shui will create a supportive atmosphere that nurtures your positive mindset, 

ERASES your self-limiting beliefs

and helps you easily manifest your goals, dreams and desires.

Stop hitting your head against your predetermined upper limits by understanding them and releasing them.

Absolutely the most inspiring thing about my work is watching your face LIGHT UP as you make the connection between the state of your home and the state of your life...and then seeing the RELIEF wash over you as you realize there is indeed a SOLUTION where you couldn't see one before.

My easy, relatable approach to Feng Shui creates a fast track for your personal growth, progress and success.

Making the process of transformation far easier and far more effective, than conventional methods, as well as, sustainable and maintainable.

There are 9 energy centers in your home that directly relate and affect specific areas of your life and health. We will spend time enhancing, aligning and empowering each of these areas, turning your home into a magical manifesting machine and creating tremendous change in your life.

  • Wealth & Abundance
  • Fame & Inspiration
  • Love & Relationships
  • Creativity & Children
  • Helpful People& Travel
  • Career & Life Path
  • Knowledge & Self-Cultivation
  • Family & Heritage
  • Health & Well-Being.



Private coaching PROGRAM: 12 weeks to increased Abundance, Inspiration and Expansion in your LIFE and BUSINESS...and so much more!

  • We will start with an ABUNDANCE BREAKTHROUGH: An intuitive overview reading of your home that will blow your mind, jump start your transformation, define our course of action together and help you access crystal clear clarity about what's been holding you back.
  • Supportive and Intensive Coaching Calls (4) 45 Minute calls to be scheduled over the course of our time together to keep you excited, inspired and accountable to your goals for change.
  • UNLIMITED private email support and coaching for constant contact and connection.
  • Program Content: Weekly exercises, guidance, worksheets and video instructions related to the area we are working in. We will go through your home section by section, room by room and incorporate the Methods of Feng Shui into each area.
  • FREE Access to the PRIVATE Facebook Group, The Shway Sisterhood Abundance Academy, where I am available for questions and answers, daily inspiration, connection and support. This is an amazing opportunity to get to know other coaching participants that are on a similar path. Having access to other participants experiences is incredibly valuable to your own growth.
  • Abundance Mindset Work, Upper Limit Block Bashing, Chakra Cleansing, Meditations.
  • Everyone is truly unique so this is a custom fit program, designed around your individual needs and goals.
  • And so much more! xxoo


"There has been so much growth in me lately about my work in the world and this week in particular has been HUGE in terms of personal revelations, ah-has, and visions about where I want to be in my career five years from now. I feel like I've been cracking the code in terms of where I'm going and how I'm going to do it! A whole new level of understanding has become available to me. Super exciting!!! Loving the clarity and immensely grateful for it. Many thanks to this program and  for getting the energy flowing!!!" - Meggie W.


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"I had no idea that small changes to our home and office could result in such remarkable changes. There have been so many shifts, but the family/heritage area was probably the most amazing. We were introduced to family members we didn't know existed, some deep family wounds were finally healed, and we were able to resolve some ongoing family issues. Changes in the wealth area also showed immediate results. New found business opportunities and several unexpected windfalls of money just to name a few! Not only is Jen a great teacher, she is also incredibly intuitive! She can make recommendations to shift certain areas of your life, just by looking at your floor plan as it relates to the bagua map. She is so spot on, it will blow your mind! I feel so blessed to have been given this opportunity. My work has just begun and I'm so excited to see what shifts are yet to come!❤"
-Beth H