Are you ready for a big time change? This is the solution you've been asking for...


If you want lasting change this is where you need to be.

(Online Review, Analysis & Support)

Get ready to dive in! We'll uncover and discover how your home is working with you and how it is working against you. We'll get you back into alignment and back into the flow!

Feng Shui gives you tremendous insight into what's working and what's NOT working in your life. It acts as a guide and gives you the unique ability to SEE what's missing and then CHANGE IT IMMEDIATELY.

This Full Home Review is an in depth diagnosis that will guide you to the "trouble" spots in your home so that you can make quick changes to ensure forward momentum in your life. Are you ready to turn your home into a magical manifesting machine?! Let the Shwaying begin!

Here’s what this package includes:

  • Whole Home analysis of all of the floors in your home to determine where potential repetitive blocks are occurring.
  • Furniture layout review and analysis
  • Bagua Mapping- Locating the energy centers in your home
  • Present Life questionnaire to pin point blocked areas in your life
  • A written report detailing which areas need your attention and how to implement the fixes to ensure for immediate change.
  • 100+ page Self-Guided Feng Shui Workbook developed by moi that includes a ton of super valuable, easy to follow information to get you back on your path. ($47.00 Value)
  • A Follow up Question and Answer session via email to ensure you are headed in the right direction
  • 3 Months FREE in the Shway Sisterhood ($141.00 Value)
  • Ah-Ha’s galore
“Wooow!!!! The garage is the LOVE area??? WowEEEwow! That’s crazy....this is so fascinating! I can’t WAIT to get all of this into balance!
Excited & overwhelmed all at once!
I so appreciate you! You are an awesome support and I love that you are breaking things down for me.... one room at a time and TELLING me specifically what to do while still giving options. YOU ROCK!!!!” Abbie M.- Full Home Review Client- Mid Review