Welcome to the "Find Your SHWAY!" Self Guided E-Course

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Feng Shui for Clarity, Inspiration, Igniting Your Passion & Loving Your Life! 

Independent Study: 

It is intended to take a weeks worth of time to explore each MODULE...but it is perfectly OK to go at your own speed...You may move through some MODULES more quickly and others more slowly. Everyone learns at their own pace.  

Module One

1.    What is Feng Shui?

2.    Setting the Foundation for your Feng Shui Journey

3.    Developing an Attitude of Gratitude

4.    The Importance of Setting Clear, Positive & Empowering Intentions

Module Two

1.    The Bagua Questionnaire

2.    The Bagua….the Bah WHAT?

Module Three

The Wealth and Abundance area

Module Four

The Fame and Reputation area

Module Five

The Love and Relationships area

Module Six

The Creativity and Children area