An Insightful Analysis-Using Feng Shui to Inspire Your Success and Empower Your Progress! 

  • I teach Soul-Centered Women Entrepreneurs how to use the amazingly effective methods of Feng Shui to guide, empower, propel and inspire their lives as they step into the LIGHT of their own power and success. 
  • I help them SEE, define, understand and REMOVE the reoccurring blocks that keep showing up in their paths by using the intensified clarity and manifesting power of Feng Shui.


STUCK, FRUSTRATED and OVERWHELMED...You've got an amazing business or, perhaps, an incredible idea for a business…But you just can't seem to REALLY MAKE IT FLY...

Success always seems to be just beyond your fingertips...

but, DANG IT, you don't want to give up...

because this is your dream…

Don't give up! The world needs you to do this beautiful work that calls to you! WE need it and YOU need it...and WE are going to make it happen together.

Let me introduce you to my friend, Feng Shui – a powerful manifesting machine that helps you uncover your blocks – physically and emotionally – to get you out of your own way and help your business bloom into everything you've ever dreamed.

I'll let you in a little secret my gorgeous friend...

I KNOW exactly where you keep getting blocked, stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed in your life and business...AND...I know WHY you continue to spin your wheels...

How? Simple. Feng Shui acts like a 'control panel' or a 'map' to your life. I can literally SEE where blocks are occurring in your life and business just by looking at the layout of your home or office space. Crazy? Not really. I can teach you how to do it too and the best's WILDLY EFFECTIVE!! 

So, if you find that you are frustrated by your current life or business situation and you are deeply connected and affected by the state of your living and working environment...


I'll guide you through this process and help you discover your true desired path and help you understand exactly where your personal "trouble areas or blocks" are so we can focus on fixing them.

When you bring your living and working space into balance through magic of Feng Shui you create a supportive atmosphere that nurtures your positive mindset, 

erases your self-limiting beliefs

and helps you easily manifest your goals, dreams and desires, and step into the light of your success.

Using the methods of Feng Shui and my own intuitive techniques I am able to SEE very clearly and very quickly what areas of your home, work space and LIFE are blocking your forward momentum. Then I'm able to show you how to CHANGE IT so you can truly open yourself up to success. 

The magical combination of Feng Shui and my relatable approach creates a fast track for your personal growth, progress and success. 

Making the process of transformation far easier and far more effective, as well as, sustainable and maintainable.

Here’s what this package includes:

  • A combination reading that will blow your mind, as well as,  jump start your transformation.
    • An Intuitive reading that will leave you with the hairs standing up on the back of your neck! I often hear, "OMG, that is so INSIGHTFUL! How could you possibly know that?!" 
    • An overview reading of the first floor of your home or your office to determine what it is about your home that has been literally blocking you and holding you back from your truest potential and success.
  • A written analysis detailing which areas need your attention and how to implement the fixes and enhancements to ensure immediate change.
  • Ah-Ha’s galore!
  • Positive Change-Positive Momentum!
  • BONUS!! 100+ page Self-Guided Feng Shui Workbook developed by Jen that includes an amazing amount of super valuable, easy to follow information to launch you into success in every area of your life. ($27.00 Value)
  • BONUS!! 3 months FREE in the Shway Sisterhood Feng Shui support community. ($141 Value)
  • This is not a coaching program but I will be available for Q + A via email for up to 4 weeks.

Let's do this!! xxoo