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The Shway Sisterhood &

"A Tweak and Week"

Welcome MY LADIES OF THE SHWAY! I'm so happy you are interested in joining the tribe!  Let's continue our SHWAY journey together...

This is a year round Feng Shui coaching experience.
It's a fun and creative space for amazingly talented, (yes, you!) tuned in, like minded women who are searching for options for consistent and sustainable personal and business growth with the eye opening, mind blowing manifesting power of Feng Shui.

"A Tweak a WEEK" is an ongoing process that we practice weekly in this group that will literally change your life! Each month I choose an energy center (Wealth, Love, Career, etc.) to focus on and for those four weeks we do what I call "A Tweak a WEEK". I will give you a tweak (a specific physical change or shift to do in your home) and I will give you an intention to set along with that tweak...and then we see the magic unfold.

Learn how to turn your home into a Goal/Dream Manifesting Machine!

Feng Shui and Life Coaching, Positive Money Mindset Exercises, Relationship Enhancements, Feng Shui Lovin' for Couples, Discovery of Self-Limiting Beliefs and Blocks that have been keeping you locked and stuck, Positive Mindset Exercises, Feng Shui Fabulousness, Accountability, Energy Work, Intuition Exercises, Business Networking, Supportive Friendships, Interior Design Ideas, Forward MOMENTUM towards your dreams...and so much MORE!!

What would it be like to have a whole sisterhood holding space for you everyday? Holding you up, holding you steady and accountable, helping you through your struggles, sharing in your joys, celebrating your success... I'll tell you what it's like...It's MAGIC.

We are not meant to continue on this journey alone. It's too easy to slip back into to self limiting, negative patterns. It's too easy to say, "aaah forget it!' It's just not easy going it alone...And now you don't have to.

Join me. Join us. I've got you. We've got you.

Get in here. xxoooxxxooo

I've set up a special rate just for you that will literally save you $384.00/year! Usually you have to pay in a lump sum, one annual payment to get this price, but hey, what the heck! Just for you...$65.00/Month!

(Normal Monthly cost is $97.00/mo). Let's do this!!! xxoo I'll see you inside! Yipee! 

“Jen, I am absolute believer that you teach that which you need to learn. It is a blessing to learn along with a passionate learner, thank you for sharing your journey and encouraging/ inspiring me and others to Journey on as well!” 
-Karen R. 

”What you are doing is so important.. you are hooking women into a divine energy source so we can access deeper places and bring light to fears and limitations...” 
-Rhonda N.