When was the last time you felt INSPIRED, CONNECTED & THRIVING?

When was the last time you felt so full you thought your heart was going to explode?

When was the last time you felt truly SEEN, supported and understood?

I get it...it's been a while...maybe you can't even pin point an actual time. It's ok, I've been there and I'm here to tell you things are going to shift....I can promise you that. 

You are not meant to do this work alone...we, as humans, are just not designed that way.

That's why I'm here. I'm here to, literally, uncover and reveal what's been holding you back and what's been blocking you. I'm here to help you make the connection and I'm here to softly nudge you in the right direction. 

I'm here to help you, support you and most importantly...SEE YOU. 

I see you...the shinny, beautiful YOU that's been stuck, held back and overwhelmed for far too long. I'm here to guide you to the other side of all of that frustration and misunderstanding to a place where life has purpose, ease, abundance, grace and loads of gorgeous love. That's what its all about.

I'm here to walk this path with you...

Are you ready for the miracles? Get ready for the Ah-HA's...they are all lined up...just waiting for you...

FENG SHUI FOR clarity, inspiration & fully loving your life

  • Inspired Action for Empowered Living for Soul-Centered Women and Women Entrepreneurs using the intensified clarity and manifesting power of Feng Shui.

  • I teach Soul-Centered Women & Women Entrepreneurs how to use the amazingly effective methods of Feng Shui to guide, empower, propel and inspire their lives as they step into the LIGHT of their own success. 

This is a fully guided INSPIRED coaching experience using the methods of Feng Shui and my own intuitive methods to reveal exactly where you are being held back in your life and in your business. Feng Shui has the power to peel back the layers and reveal EXACTLY how you can LAUNCH your life and business FORWARD into the one you've always dreamed of. 

We start on the 1st of every month! Beginning in February 2016! Get ready!! 

"Jen's Feng Shui course has been amazing! I had no idea that small changes to our home and office could result in such remarkable changes. There have been so many shifts, but the family/heritage area was probably the most amazing. We were introduced to family members we didn't know existed, some deep family wounds were finally healed, and we were able to resolve some ongoing family issues. Changes in the wealth area also showed immediate results. New found business opportunities and several unexpected windfalls of money just to name a few! Not only is Jen a great teacher, she is also incredibly intuitive! She can make recommendations to shift certain areas of your life, just by looking at your floor plan as it relates to the bagua map. She is so spot on, it will blow your mind! I feel so blessed to have been given the opportunity to be a part of this course. My work has just begun and I'm so excited to see what shifts are yet to come!❤"
Beth H- Course Participant


2 Ways to Play! 



Join the TRIBE! This is a year-long Feng Shui coaching experience.
It's a fun and supportive adventure for amazing, like minded women who are searching for consistent and sustainable personal and business growth with the eye opening, mind blowing manifesting power of Feng Shui and the intuitive guidance and coaching of Jen Heilman.


"I just got a letter from my boss yesterday stating that he will be giving bonuses later this year, and is matching my 401 k contribution. Jen, this is THOUSANDS of dollars! Not to mention a complete about face in his previous behavior, and (finally) following through on some of his promises. Not a bad return on investment of $15 for a fresh bouquet of purple flowers in my wealth area!" - Sara
Week One- "A Tweak a Week" Participant

This WILL change your life...

One tweak every week and you're on your way to success and so much more!


a fresh perspective

  • Insightful Floor Plan Analysis 

  • Prepare to have your mind blown!


I often get, "HOW did you KNOW that?" or "OMG, that is so INSIGHTFUL! How could you possibly know that?!" or "It's like your inside my head right now!"

Chances are if you are like most people, your house is holding you back...and I can tell you how to fix it. It's just that easy. Feng Shui gives you tremendous insight into what's working and what's NOT working in your life. It acts as a guide and gives you the unique ability to SEE what's missing and then CHANGE IT IMMEDIATELY.

This analysis will be very eye opening and will help you understand which areas of your life and home should be given the most attention to start the process.

"Wooow!!!! The garage is the LOVE area??? WowEEEwow! That's crazy....this is so fascinating! I can't WAIT to get all of this into balance!
I so appreciate you! You are an awesome support!"  Abbie M.




You may have discovered that Feng Shui is not the easiest practice to learn! In fact, it can be down right confusing! That is why I set out to create an approachable method that everyone can relate to with out the confusion and frustration.  

Learn the methods of Feng Shui through this 100+ page Self-Guided Feng Shui Workbook developed by Jen Heilman that includes super valuable, easy to follow, step by step information that will get you on your path towards SUCCESS, PURPOSE, ABUNDANCE, SELF-CULTIVATION, RESPECT, LOVE AND HAPPINESS. Step into your POWER!