Four Friends and a Feng Shui Ninja...a Masterclass!

6 weeks of friendship, fun, focus and phenomenal change...


When we get together MAGIC HAPPENS.

There's no denying it, am I right?

We all feel why not harness that energy and create massive change in our lives...TOGETHER!


Here's how...grab 3- 6 friends...and the Feng Shui Ninja (me)...and let's dive in!

Are on a mission of self-discovery? Are you ready for crystal clear awareness? Are you ready to unleash your unique brand of magic?

Who are you ready to become? What's holding you back?

Who do you know that wants to dive into this very same thing? Who needs to be fired up? Who needs to be inspired? Who's ready to take it to the next level? Are you ready to team up?

Surrounded, supported and SEEN by amazing women so you too can begin to SEE who you truly are.

We'll get focused on where you are stopping yourself from being AWESOME you can STOP doing that!!


Because you are've just been stopping yourself from BEING AWESOME.

The answers are right here, so if you are ready to fully step into your awesome, gather your amazing team, and let's dive in.

6 weeks to unlocking your AWESOME, unleashing your magic and TRUSTING THE POWER WITHIN YOU.

What's included in this 6 week masterclass? I'm so very glad you asked!

(6) Weekly Training Modules- Unleash the Magic within you with the power of Feng Shui- focused on the 4 pillars of success...Abundance, Love, Spirituality, & Knowledge of Self

(6) Weekly Mastermind Calls

Weekly Emails for ACCOUNTABILITY

A private Facebook Group for us all to gather in and connect (to be named by your team!)

Weekly impromptu, inspired Facebook lives in the private group

Full Review and intuitive analysis of your floor plan's and Manifestation (Bagua) Map's

Connection, Accountability, Discovery, Awakening, Results