"Feeling "lost" in chaos?
Wondering why your space feels "confused"?
Not sure which "path" is right for you?
You would be AMAZED at how your personal space & home affects your mind, spirit, health & everything that ripples into...
This phenomenal woman, teacher, mentor & friend has had such a huge impact on my life over the last year. Dealing with the chaos of health & the chaos of life...her classes, her impact, her teachings dramatically shifted not only my business but dramatically shifted my mindset around every area of my life!
If you're looking for some big transformational work that is actually super fun & can involve the entire family, look no further than Jen Heilman & her teachings of Feng Shui & Empowered Living.
Recently at the top "must read" books on Amazon! This renowned businesswoman & author, I consider a friend, colleague & associate.
Anyone would benefit from her teachings & classes!
What you do in one area of your do in every area of your life!"

--Mackenzie Christy --Empowered Living Academy Participant

Have you been curious about Feng Shui but don't know where to begin? I have been working with Jen Heilman since we moved in to our new home and have been blown away with what we've learned and have been able to implement through her teaching and personal support. Image if you could up the abundance ante and the energy in your life by making a few intentional tweaks to your space? Jen has helped us "shway" our new house and the shifts in energy, abundance and flow have been amazing. I cannot speak more highly about Jen and her super (intuitive) powers...if you have been interested in Feng's your chance to get 1:1 support to get your Shway on!! xo

-Amber Lilyestrom- Lee, NH - 1-on-1 Client

Kelly kids.jpg

I took all of Jen's Feng Shui advice...including placing a metal bowl with my intentions to sell the house into my "Helpful People & Travel" area (which is the tool bench in the garage!! hahaha) and two days later we had NOT ONE BUT TWO BIDS!

After only 6 days on the market we sold our house just shy of asking price!

I am so blow away but the power of intention right now!

Thank you Jen Heilman!!!!

Your work and assistance is amazing!

Kelly Zale Stevenson- Mullica Hill, NJ - Empowered Living Academy

"Working with Jen via a Breakthrough Session was so transformative. She definitely has “ninja” skills in her intuitive abilities to get to the root of issues, and quickly. I felt held in safe space, as she worked her magic. In my session we were able to look at the areas in my home that were needing more attention, and likewise how this was showing up in my life.

This is truly a unique way of moving through growth and uncovering the hidden areas that have been holding you back. I couldn’t believe how on target she was with areas I thought needed attention (and those I wasn’t aware of), and how she was able to put a whole new twist and perspective on it.

I think the most valuable aspect of this session is that I walked away with so many practical and applicable tools I could implement right away in my home and life to affect me physically, mentally and spiritually. That, I believe is one of the most beautiful things about her unique approach--you address the non-tangible aspects and translate them into real-life changes that can affect so much.

I highly recommend Jen as a fantastic practitioner and her services to anyone who is ready to make some breakthroughs and transformative change in their lives!"

-Becca Sarich -

Even if you consider yourself a bit of a skeptic, I challenge you not to get something amazing from working with Jen. I’d always loved the idea of Feng Shui, but never took it to the next level by really examining my intention behind each of the changes. The work with Jen was easy to understand, super-simple to put into place and completely custom for MY personal goals and challenges. Not only does she bring a wealth of knowledge, but Jen has a bit of extra magic (let’s call it intuition, but it’s deeper than that) that she generously brings to each of the people she works with as well. For example, I was having trouble with my lower back out of the blue and I couldn’t get it resolved going to the doctor, etc. Jen messaged me asking if there was something broken in a particular part of the house (based on the bagua map) and, sure enough there was! I got that thing straight out and my back issue improved a ton; it’s crazy! More than anything, I like the lifted energy that comes from making tiny improvements in my home, the positive intention that I’m mindful of and the feeling that I am empowered to make the sorts of changes that will make tomorrow even better than today.

Anjanette Fennell - New South Wales- Australia - 1-on-1  ClientEmpowered Living Academy Participant

"Jen is a brilliant Feng Shui guide! She brings extensive Feng Shui knowledge and spot on intuition.  Then we work together to figure out what feels right for me in my home.  Feng Shui gives clarity and direction and awakens awareness around areas in my house or my life that have fallen into dullness. Jen is amazing at seeing those areas in my house, giving insight as to what that might mean for my emotional/mental/spiritual state and advising on ways to brighten up my house and my life.  It's super cool and interesting and fun!"  

Anemone Benedetti- 1-on-1 Client

As I have gone further down the road on my spiritual awakening, it became apparent that my environment would no longer support further growth. The need to create a harmonious place in which I could be my best self in servicing my clients became a top priority. I knew instinctively that things (literally) were blocking and clouding energy.

I guess I could have read a number of books and studied for months and years to learn and implement Feng Shui, but you popped into my life and I felt called to connect. I love that you use your gift of intuition when working with clients. From the very first moment of our intro call, I knew YOU were the right person. And to further confirm, you stated absolute truth about my environment, family, and frustrations without having ever seen my home. 

Lisa Byrd- Breakthrough Session & Empowered Living Academy Participant

Mother/Daughter Relationship Coach

My marriage, a strong one, became stronger. More talking, more listening, more connection. And my children, as everything else in my space shifted, I made more room for my children. I have more patience, and I can see the sparkle again, I can feel them.

I've always been curious about Feng Shui; I've also always known there was something about Jen Heilman that I was missing out on experiencing. The changes I've made in our home since our feng shui consult have been life changing. I started a business this past year. After working with Jen, things started falling into place.
I found myself in the right place at the right time on many occasions.
I had a renewed confidence in myself that gave me the courage to takes new risks.
I can see the growth happening before my very eyes.
A way I had lost touch with. Our time together is precious; I can see that now so clearly.
Thank you, Jen. Thank you for everything.

(One year later) Everyday I find a way to SHWAY and everyday it get's better: HUGE business clarity, healing relationships, surprise money, ease in sharing my truth, more confidence, and incredible shifts with my husband as well (even though he's not "doing" the work). Jen is AMAZING. Feng Shui is AMAZING. You will not regret digging in here if you make the commitment to do the work. It just keeps getting better!

Amanda Kingsley - Shelburne Falls, MA  -   1-on-1 Client & Empowered Living Academy

The results I got from working our 1-on-1 work together were all around CLARITY and the "ooooohhhhhh!" moments. When you zoomed in on that one BIG thing that kept coming up for me, i.e. tapping into my creativity - I realized that, one, I was not accepting that about myself, and two, that because I was not accepting it, it was creating a huge block. The awareness that Feng Shui has brought me helps me see the block when it arises so I can releases it and then be "OK" with that part of myself again.

My home and office being true energetic representations of me, and things showing up physically as a problem or a block in MY spaces, is also a way for my logical mind to be able to wrap itself around energetic blocks. That is life changing for someone who needs their mind to understand something in addition to accepting the energetic component.

-Deepa Ramachandran- 1-on-1 Client & Empowered Living Academy Participant


I have put my faith in Jen and her knowledge of Feng Shui! Jen has an approachability as well as an intuition that make it easy to take her advice about the home and the heart. Since working with her, I have started focusing more: on the habits I easily fall into, on the stories I tell myself, and on the ways that my home reflects and feeds into my psyche. I have become more connected to my home, and therefore more invested in my family, my future, and my wellbeing. The Feng Shui journey has been a truly valuable experience.

- Erin MacLachlan - Empowered Living Academy Participant


"Jen's Feng Shui course has been amazing! I had no idea that small changes to our home could result in such remarkable changes. There have been so many shifts, but the family/heritage area was probably the most amazing. We were introduced to family members we didn't know existed, some deep family wounds were finally healed, and we were able to resolve some ongoing family issues. Changes in the wealth area also showed immediate results. New found business opportunities and several unexpected windfalls of money just to name a few! Not only is Jen a great teacher, she is also incredibly intuitive! She can make recommendations to shift certain areas of your life, just by looking at your floor plan as it relates to the bagua map. She is so spot on, it will blow your mind! I feel so blessed to have been given the opportunity to be a part of this course. My work has just begun and I'm so excited to see what shifts are yet to come!❤"

 - Beth Hicks - Empowered Living Academy Participant

"One of the biggest take-aways I've had from this course is to start looking at my home as my sanctuary. This is my temple to nurture and care for and tend to the energies of. It's been a huge shift for me! A welcome one! Before I was very much in the "I can live with it" mindset.  There has been so much gestating in me lately about my work in the world and this week in particular has been HUGE in terms of personal revelations, ah-has, and visions about where I want to be in my career five years from now. I feel like I've cracking the code in terms of where I'm going and how I'm going to do it! A whole new level of has become available to me. Super exciting!!! Loving the clarity and immensely grateful for it. Many thanks to this class for getting the energy flowing!!!"

- Meggie Winchell - Empowered Living Academy Participant


"Jen, I am absolute believer that you teach that which you need to learn. It is a blessing to learn along with a passionate learner, thank you for sharing your journey and encouraging & inspiring me and others to Journey on as well!"

 Karen Rosenkranz -  Empowered Living Academy Participant

Email Exchange with 1-on-1 Client

This email exchange with one of my beautiful 1 on 1 clients so perfectly expresses the essence of my clients experiences that I just had to share:

Jen support email to client: "Ok, we are diving into your LOVE AREA! Which, for you, is located in your kitchen...I have no doubt that you have the biggest intention to get in there and clean out the cabinets but I wonder since this is the area related to the MOTHER of the house, and we have a tendency to put ourselves last, if you will experience some resistance. Resistance can come in many forms- tiredness, boredom, irritability, avoidance- so if any of those things come up this week just recognize it.

My intuition keeps telling me to share with you that "it's your time to FLY."

Time to stop "caging" yourself in. I see you spreading your wings and it's beautiful to watch...the next step is slowly softening the walls around your HEART...and beginning the process of learning to openly RECEIVE as much as you women and mothers it's easy to give, give,'s all we know...but it's now time to find the balance.

Opening your eyes and truly seeing yourself is such a beautiful thing...a gift.

When you can begin to see the light in yourself it allows you to be aware and see the light in others as well.

Practice RECEIVING from your loved ones, as well as, SEEING them as you would like to be SEEN and RECEIVED.

Pay attention to what kind of resistance, negative inner talk and old stories come up and know that they are just that...stories and mindless chatter...Make a game out of it and see how quickly you can recognize it when it starts...The faster you get, the quicker you will be at tweaking your mindset from one of self loathing to one of self love."

Client response-

"First of all, WOW.  And then WOW.


The kitchen and resistance thing is SO SPOT ON! Not about cleaning it,  because I blasted through this area when I was cleaning the garage.  Suddenly I felt like I had to clean the tops of the cabinets and the fridge and inside the pantry.  So the cleaning is partially done, and the other half is not a big deal.  It's the actual usage of the kitchen and my presence in it that resonates with me so clearly.

I've been cooking for so long,  this past year I called it quits.  My daughter's have sensory issues,  texture issues,  allergies and everything in between.  My hubby is also very picky. So for the last 15 years, I'm usually cooking 3 different meals for 4 people.

My creativity for cooking had dried up and I resented being in that space.

Now I think I'm ready to go back in there and restart being the nurturer. But on slightly different terms.  I want to go there and feel like I'm lovingly feeding my family and not because I have to do this task. 

So thank you,  your description of the love area just made all this click on my head and I feel so much better for it! I need to focus on the FEELING behind it.

And what you said about "caging myself in"....WOW AGAIN!  (That's all I seem to be saying today!)

I told my mom and dad exactly 2 weekends ago that I feel like I've finally been let out of a CAGE. And I think my dad had tears in his eyes.  I used those EXACT words. 

I love when synchronicity happens.  Thank you for that as well.

I just had my photo shoot today for my website and I was practically hyperventilating after I saw the proofs.  I had to clutch my heart several times. 

The photos looked just amazing and I didn't recognize myself in them.  It IS time to spread those WINGS and be seen. 

And I'm going to really need to strengthen that love area, for myself and for my family.  So all your tips and ideas will be welcome on our next phone call!

Again,  thank you amazing Jen. Your intuition continues to amaze me on how spot on it is,  and I appreciate everything you say and write.

Thank you and talk on Wednesday."

Jen was extremely helpful when I was dealing with the loss of a pet.   I was in my house, by my cat's side, when he passed away. 

Since my cat's passing my home felt very sad and gloomy, especially in the room that he passed away in.  I was also having difficulty arranging my cat's mementos in an honoring and respectful way.   Jen gave me instructions on smudging the house, using color in certain areas of the house, and how to arrange my cat related items in a memorable way.

It was very easy to add certain colors to rooms of the house and to make a cat memory area.    It was amazing how a few simple changes made a huge impact not only on my home but helped immensely in my grieving process.     I am forever grateful to Jen for everything she has done for me. 

- Dr. Sara Dalamangas- Newton, MA

"For two weeks in a row, I’ve had a Feng Shui expert in my home. Having her here makes the things we were blind to now glaring and shiny and verily blinking with, “Look at me! Over here!” The patched kitchen walls, the haphazard hanging of coats, the pairs and pairs and pairs of shoes tossed into the corner.

She’s been graceful, of course, as I suspect a large part of her job is leaving judgment at the proverbial and literal door. She’s provided me with some clear changes that we’ve needed to make, things that are making giant, positive changes in our space and in ourselves."

-Emily Ballard-  Greenfield, MA-

"It has been such an AMAZING experience! YOU are AWESOME Jen Heilman!! Life changer!"

Susan Fuller - Empowered Living Academy Participant


"My deciding to get organized was a result of my house being in such a state of disarray and chaos that it was really hard to function. I was behind on laundry. My own bedroom was hard to navigate, as clothes on the floor and too many pieces of furniture clogged up the works.

The scrambling I had to do just to keep up was taking so much time and causing so much stress that I felt like something had to give. The massive flow toward entropy was alive and well throughout my marriage (and was a source of friction then). Now separated for nearly two years, I was coming to some realizations about how I kept my home. I wanted a change. That’s when I got in touch with Jen Heilman.

Jen came for a visit and we walked through the house. She explained simply that feng shui was about putting a focus on what you want to happen, making it more likely that the thing will happen. It’s about putting some intent into your life. To me, that made a lot of sense.

She suggested I start my home’s makeover in the bedroom. The area of the room that in feng shui teaching represented romantic love was cut off metaphorically by a slanted wall with a window. The clothes on the floor necessitated a major fix. With every change, my room grew tidier, more streamlined, roomier. Your bedroom should feel like a beautiful hotel room,  Jen said. As the months went by and I followed that advice, I saw she was right. As the contents of my bedroom grew fewer, and the objects that remained were carefully chosen, it became like my own sanctuary.

The process of changing my home really got under way after Jen’s visit, I felt not only motivated, but empowered to make a change.

Once I had her guidance in my head, I realized that the only person holding me back was myself.

Not my ex-husband. Not my kids. I had the power to have a well-run household. Part of the key was realizing that putting off work was really biting me on the ass. Whenever I said, “Oh, I’ll do those dishes up later,” or “I’ll pay those bills tomorrow night,” I was not just putting off the work, I was increasing it. I was doing the future me a disservice.

The funny thing is since I started organizing my home, other areas of my life have improved. I started an exercise routine that I’ve been able to stick with, which NEVER happened before. I feel more confident in my work. I’ve been enjoying my kids more, and they’ve seemed happier to me. We can tackle stuff. We’re not victims. And I’m not a neat freak, but I think we all appreciate knowing where to put shoes and backpacks and purses and computer bags. Shoes go in the cubby. I’ll do the dishes, then we’ll go up to bed. Things get done. They see the process. That’s comforting for them. And for me. Because things get done!"

Kate Maletz- Shelburne Falls, Ma

"Jen, Thank you for showing me that my path to "me" was still lit.

Amy Morey- Shelburne Falls, MA


Keep up the great work!! Thank you for turning chaos into peace!! You have the brain and vision that so many want and need, but most simply don't have time or talent for!! Cheers to you!!!"

- Rusty Manz - Bernardston, MA