Does the disarray of your living space drastically affect how you function in life?

Jen Heilman is a Life Coach who understands the power of your surroundings. She can see your story hiding in your home, just waiting to be set free.

Using her intuitive knowledge of spacial arrangement and feng shui she can quickly pinpoint what’s really holding you back from reaching your dreams.


For me, Feng Shui has brought clarity, connection and inspiration back into my life.


My son was born with a severe, life threatening, heart defect. His doctors conveyed that without a series of reconstructive surgeries he would not survive beyond childhood (12 years old).

In the early days of his life we were faced with the shattering reality that we could lose him. My story became one of an unshakable fear. My focus was completely absorbed in the frailness of my sons life and as a natural result, I lost touch with everything that was uniquely mine. 


My son truly is a miracle and at 13 years old he is thriving. In fact, the whole Heilman household is thriving, in the most amazing ways, thanks to the help of Feng Shui.

But things weren't always so blissful. My personal path to recovery, which has radiated out to everyone in my family, didn’t begin until the beauty of Feng Shui was magically dropped in my lap. A divine intervention if you will, and I thank the Universe and it's knowing power everyday for it.

I was completely captivated and absorbed by this new and profound practice; it truly spoke to a deeper knowing inside of me. It was exactly what I needed. I began to experiment with the principles and to my delight the Universe responded by fulfilling my requests.  

Feng Shui opened up and ignited a sense of inspiration and connection that I hadn't felt in years and...

I began to SEE my true self reappear.

Overwhelm, anxiety and fear were diminished and when ever I feel these things sneaking back into my life I’m able to quickly use my tools to get back into power and inspiration.

The results have been so amazing that it has become my mission to help soul-centered, home loving, impact driven women, just like you, use the amazingly effective tool that Feng Shui is to guide, empower, propel and inspire their lives and the lives of everyone around them.

Read more of my story and the expansiveness and miracles that Feng Shui has brought into my life in this inspiring book...available RIGHT HERE!

WOMEN WHO INSPIRE! Available on Amazon!

WOMEN WHO INSPIRE! Available on Amazon!

The credentials-

  • 2 decades of home and interior design experience

  • 10 years of Feng Shui Expertise (Feng Shui Ninja status achieved)

  • #1 Best Selling Author

  • Graduated from Vermont Technical College with an Associate of Applied Science degree in Architecture and Building Engineering Technology.

  • Transferred to Montana State University and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interior Design.

  • Graduated from the Sheffield School of Interior Design, with a Certificate of Graduation in Feng Shui Interior Design.