Welcome to the FREE 5 Day Feng Shui Challenge,

Where Love Flows, Abundance Grows…

Let’s talk Feng Shui…Do you have Money blocks hiding in your LOVE area? I’m willing to bet you do!

It’s ALL CONNECTED! Love, Abundance and so much more…

What if I told you connecting the dots was far easier than you thought…and that if you were willing to take some quick and easy steps towards connecting these dots it could open you up to a whole new world…a world where LOVE FLOWS AND ABUNDANCE GROWS!

Abundance blocks are sneaky…tricky little gremlins that aren’t easily seen but manage to show up in all areas of our lives. They like to stay hidden under other issues so that we can never quite get to the heart of the matter. They’re smart and sly, they know that if we were capable of actually shining a direct light on them that we could take action immediately, UP ROOT them, and leave them behind on our path towards embracing our ABUNDANCE!

I am going to show you how to SHINE A DIRECT LIGHT on your ABUNDANCE BLOCKS,

no more hiding, no more guessing, no more wondering…just let’s get down to business and fix this stuff so you can get on to other things like LIVING YOUR LIFE ABUNDANTLY!  

Feng Shui is a life changing tool, that I utilize every day in my own life to create ease, flow, wealth, love and so much more…and I’m going to teach you how to use it as well.

If you are tired of living from a place of struggle and strife, and you’re ready to understand what’s been holding you back…then this is your first step.

Did you know that your LIFE and your current set of circumstances are being reflected in your space, in physical form, and you can actually SEE your Self-Limiting beliefs starring back at you?

Feng Shui helps us literally SEE where these blocks are so we can physically remove them…and when we do….WATCH OUT!


From a Feng Shui point of view, you have abundance blocks hiding in most areas of your life…

For this 5 Day Challenge we will be focusing on the LOVE area and how it’s all connected…

Open up your HEART, get to the root of your LOVE ISSUES and you will be on your way to unlocking your JOYFULLY ABUNDANT LIFE!


"Carefully peeling back the layers that have been building up around our hearts...that is the work we are doing....opening...allowing...seeing....feeling. I'm not going to tell you it's easy, I know it's not...I'm standing right next to you with my hands shaking but it's the work I know I must do and I know you feel it too. I know it's the path for me.

I don't want to go through my life NOT feeling. I don't want to go through life NOT expressing my joy or sadness or my heart ...or my truth...

I know there are amazing things waiting for me on this path...I also know that if I don't choose this path I'll never see those amazing things...I don't want to live a "fine" life or and "ok" life...I WANT TO LIVE FULLY and FREELY and OPENLY with joy and love spilling everywhere...I want to live a JOY-FILLED LIFE!

I'm tired of being tired, I'm tired of being closed down and shut off, I'm tired of only seeing glimpses of joy and beauty...I want to throw my arms back and let it all in...I'm ready...and I'm ready for you to come along too. Let's peel it back and see what we find together."

So much love to you. - Jen Heilman xxoo



 To Get Started:

1.) REALLY IMPORTANT- Join the Free Facebook Group: DESIGN YOUR LIFE WITH FENG SHUI. In order to SEE the videos for this challenge you'll need to follow the link above to join in. This is where all of the active discussions are happening! Come join the fun!

2.) You'll need to do a quick sketch of your home to locate your LOVE area, or if that's too complicated, pick a room you spend most of your time in (living room, bedroom or office) and locate the love area for that room. For the instructions, follow the link:

3.) Scroll down to DAY ONE: Challenge Instructions are all listed below. :)

Day One:

Take a look around… Let’s get a gauge on where your space is at and how it’s affecting you…
For the ease of this 5 Day challenge we will be focusing only on the Love AREA of your home. You can either find the Love area of your overall home or you can pick a room that you spend a majority of your time in, Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Office and find the Love Area specific to that room.

Discovering your space
What is your subconscious trying to communicate through your living space?
While comfortably sitting in the Love area of your home or Room, take a long look around. Make the following observations:

  • What do you see? What room are you in?

  • How does the space FEEL? How do YOU feel in the space?

  • Is the space clean, kept and open?

  • Or is it cluttered, dirty and closed?

  • What do you like about the space? What do you dislike about the space?

  • Does the space reflect a strong connection to the LOVE relationships in your life?

  • Does the space reflect the kind of love you allow yourself to receive?

  • Does the space reflect the kind of love you allow yourself to give?

  • Take a minute to just to sit and be quiet, look and listen, what is the space trying to tell you? What have you been afraid to notice? Write about your observations.

Tidy your space...

Having a clean, organized, de-cluttered space is a life line in Feng Shui. It will help you stay clear, positive and productive. Take 10-20 minutes to TIDY UP as best as you can.

That’s Day One! Bonus points for sharing in the group! Stating your finding out loud is very freeing.
See you in the group!

Day Two:

DAY Two: Let’s Get Our SHWAY ON!
Having your Love corner enhanced creates harmony in all your relationships, even your relationship with yourself. This area should feel comfortable, grounded, compassionate, balanced and accepting, like your mama’s arms giving you a gentle and knowing hug. This area should be a soft place to land.

The Love corner is about the fun stuff, love and romance, attracting the right partner, spicing up your love life—but it’s also about relating…opening your heart…giving and receiving…accessing the universal flow of love…accessing the best business relationships and clients…and most importantly understanding where your own self-limiting beliefs around love are holding you back, both in life and in business.

You may have been surprised by what you saw yesterday!

What signals are you sending yourself and others about your attitude towards love? Or about how you relate to other people? Does the space feel soft and inviting, or cold and abrasive? What’s decorating the table—lovely pink roses or a prickly cactus? How about the artwork—is it sending off love vibes, or something more troubling? Use your intuition to really see this space and how it is playing out in in your life. No photos of lonely icebergs, or deserted islands, or prickly cacti, or harsh artwork, or solo photos of you or anyone. Just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

With your Love area enhanced, you might notice that it’s easier for you to:

•Balance giving and receiving
•Deepen your existing relationships
•Develop healthy relationships
•Attract the best partner for you—someone who is your equal, your balance, the person who brings out the best in you
•Open your heart to others
•Be more receptive
•Allow yourself to be more vulnerable
•Get along better with everyone in your life: family, friends, co-workers
•Attract positive business relationships
•Improve your self-esteem or your love of self
•End toxic or unhealthy relationships

Time to get your SHWAY ON!

Sweet LOVE! Move your stuff, change your life! For this 5 Day Challenge we are only going to focus on the biggest and the easiest energy shifter…COLOR!

Color is ENERGY. It’s a vibration and every area in Feng Shui has a color that is related to it. By adding the specific color to your space you are raising the energy and the vibration of the space and that raised energy will be reflected back to you…Your space is a reflection of your life and your life is reflected in your space! It’s all connected. By empowering your space you will raise your own LOVE vibration and be able to more easily access what is blocking you from the flow of LOVE…and ultimately, Abundance. When you ADD PINK to your love area magic things happen. You will open yourself up to LOVE, soften the walls around your heart and develop deeper more loving relationships in all areas of your life. Expect shifts, they will happen!

You can add pink, and any shade of pink in many different ways. Scarves, Fabric, Rose Quartz…even pink PAPER, think pink! If pink isn’t your thing you can tuck it into places like behind picture frames or under the couch cushions or in the cabinets or drawers. Just get as much pink into your love area as possible!

Share your enhancements in the Facebook group. Share the shifts as they happen. Let’s celebrate the LOVE together!

Additional Enhancements for the Love area:

Fire: Pink or red candles (choose a color and use 2 candles). Scented candles are nice, too. It’s great to light the fire of romance, but be careful not to introduce too much fire, or you may burn out your relationship too quickly. Too much fire can also stir up too much passion and cause arguments. Use your intuition to find the balance.

Fabric: Think soft, silky and welcoming. This is a great place for throw pillows that create a soft place to land.

Symbols that mean love to you: Hearts, poems, objects of love

That’s Day 2! Come on over to the Facebook group and share your experience so far!

day three:

Now that you've shifted your Shway (the energy of your space)...you should have access to a bit more clarity around your love and abundance blocks.

So we are going to dig in with a deceptively easy exercise that will hopefully shine a light on the outer layer of your most prominent block.

I call it "The Bubble of Stress". Sample photo Below. I added a very vulnerable share...this was my bubble chart from a few weeks ago that revealed my stress was rooted in a life theme about not gaining respect...It took me by surprise. It felt like it came out of no where...Now that I'm aware of it I'm able to understand it and it's moved mountains for me! I hope you have the same experience.

Take a few moments before you dive in to take a 3 DEEP breathes and try to relax and quiet your mind. The quieter you are the easier it is to listen to the messages you need to hear...The intuitive hits, the downloads, the IDEAS that pop into your head.

1.) Grab a piece of paper, at the top of the paper write, "If I follow my stress, I will find my biggest fear." Take a few DEEP breathes after you read that

2.) Now write your biggest STRESS (first thing that comes to mind) and circle it.

3.) Then dive a little deeper...what's behind that stress? Again, first thing that comes to mind...don't analyze, don't think, just write and circle, write and circle...as many times as it takes...and see where you land.

Take a few moments to digest that information...What came up for you? Did it take you by surprise?

Amazing right? That's the power of Feng Shui fueled CLARITY.

That’s Day Three! Bonus points for sharing in the group! Sharing your "downloads" out loud is very freeing...give it a try in the group.

day four:

Cruising right along in the land of SHWAY!
Recap! ...
Day 1: You made the connection between your space and your life. Pretty cool, right?
Day 2: You Shwayed it up! The Power of Pink in the Love area.
Day 3: You got to the root of one of your bigger blocks or self-limiting beliefs or fears through the clarity of Feng Shui.

Now, Day 4, you are going to set up your space to keep that mean old block (self-limiting belief or fear) at bay!! And hopefully pluck it from your energy system all together!

Where did you land when you finished your bubble chart? What was the root of the block? For me, there was a self-limiting belief or fear around RESPECT. What was it for you?

Keep that self-limiting belief in the front of your mind as you take another look at your space...Do you see anything that could be accentuating that belief? If so, you need to remove it. You can set the intention that you are, "Fully infusing this object with your toxic self-limiting belief and you are now REMOVING it from your space and your energy field PERMANENTLY."  TOSS IT!  Send it on it's way! Say Good Bye!

Now we are going to infuse the positive...For me, I'm going to infuse a theme of RESPECT into my LOVE area. I'm going to set an intention for self-respect, respect from my family, loved ones, peers, co-workers, business associates...I'm going to infuse it by writing out my intention and then placing it somewhere in my LOVE area...could be right out in the open where I can see it and everybody else can too, or tucked away in a secret spot that only I know about. I'm then going to make sure my PINK is ON in a big way...But, I'm also going to add symbolism...I'm going to place objects in my Love area that I feel represent RESPECT or the kind of respect I want in my life.

This is exactly what you'll be doing today too.

1.) Recall your Block or Self-Limiting Belief or Fear from yesterday.

2.) Look over your space and see if there are any remaining items that reflect that self-limiting belief and REMOVE it!

3.) Write your intention for releasing that block or self-limiting belief or FEAR and calling in the positive...It's a self-limiting belief of mine that people don't respect me...so I set my intention around inviting more RESPECT into my life and shedding some light on WHY I don't feel respected. Place the written intention in your love area.

4.) Add symbolism! Infuse your space with objects that represent your positive affirmation. For me, I'm adding gushing and glowing thank you notes from clients, a birthday card from my husband affirming that I'm the strongest women he knows, and the deck of cards my daughter made for me "the 52 ways we love you"...Holy smokes, I'm tearing up just thinking about it...That's the feeling you want...TRUTH, ACKNOWLEDGMENT, PROOF. You are not your fears, blocks and self-limiting beliefs...you are pure shining potential...that is, with out any doubt in my mind, a fact. Let's access that potential. Ready?

That’s Day Four! Bonus points for sharing in the group! What are you ADDING to your space to empower you and keep your blocks at bay?

day five:

DAY Five: We are going to get a little MORE Woo-WOO today so hang on to your hat!


Day 1: You made the connection between your space and your life.

Day 2: You Shwayed it up! The Power of Pink in the Love area raising the vibration to bring on clarity.

Day 3: You got to the root of one of your bigger blocks or self-limiting beliefs or fears through the clarity of Feng Shui.

Day 4: You empowered your space to keep that mean old block (self-limiting belief or fear) far away!

Day 5: The block is hiding in just one more place...Your personal energy system...and we need to remove it from there too to get the best results!

Let's talk Chakra's for a minute. (I attached a photo below that briefly explains locations of chakra's in your body.)

Each energy center in the Bagua (the Bagua is the Feng Shui map you used to locate the Love Area) has a Chakra (energy centers in your BODY) that is directly related to it.

The Love area is directly related to the Heart Chakra...fitting right?! Especially since we are trying to OPEN our hearts to more abundance.

The Heart Chakra is located in the area of your chest.

Our blocks to love and abundance are living in the energy systems of our bodies...so we need to de-clutter our energy system just as much as we need to de-clutter our homes!

How can we easily do this??

Let's get back to our Bubble Of Stress charts...again, find where you landed. For me it was about being respected, for you it could be about being appreciated or being genuine or being acknowledged.

Create a statement around that finding, for me it would be, "I don't feel respected." or "No one respects my work."

Create your own, whatever works for you. I want you to repeat that statement over and over for 60 seconds either out loud or to yourself. As you are repeating that statement over and over, I want you to visualizing that self-limiting belief/fear/block rising up out of your body. It could be located in one spot that just shoots up and out like a geysers or a firework or it could be located in several areas and feels like it's rising up like a mist from everywhere....there's no wrong way to do this...so go with whatever works for you. Stay with it until you feel you are done.

Once you have raised the untruth out of your energy system, see it being sent far away from you, way out into the universe and before you lose sight of it, I want you to blow it up, explode it, evaporate it....vaporize it...so it can no longer bother you and limit you in anyway.

One last step....envision the brightest, most brilliant, most sparkly white light filling up your entire body, from you head to your toes, fill in all of the "voids" you just created and let them heal.

Powerful stuff and it works like magic. Trust me.

That is your final task on this 5 day journey! Yahoo, you did it! I'm so happy you chose to come along for the ride and I genuinely hope this opened your eyes to the power you hold in your life.

Take a minute to think about all that you have accomplished in just 5 short days...and we only partially covered ONE of the areas in your home and in your LIFE...and still you experienced POWERFUL, LIFE CHANGING SHIFTS! 

Now take a minute to think about what your life will look like one year from now...if you DECIDE to take the brave steps towards diving into and covering all of the areas of your home and life...Can you see it?! You...and your loved ones...Joyfully Abundant...Everyday...Living your lives as you should be...Filled daily with Joy, Laughter, Love and Abundance...

And what if you don't? Are you prepared to stay where you are right now? No shifts, no change, just continuing on in the day to day...it may sound safer...but it doesn't equal happiness.

You can decide to be happy...and I can show you how...

Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining me and taking this brave step in your life. This been an amazing adventure!

If this work calls to you, I would love to invite you to connect over the phone and talk about how we will move your life forward with mind blowing momentum.