Believe Again Breakthrough.png

Transformational life coaching with 

Jen Heilman and Amanda Kingsley


What do you want to believe in again?


How about...Yourself?

Do you remember when you were a kid
and anything felt possible? 

When you started driving and the open road was your playground?

When you fell in love the first time and there were fireworks?



Even though it might not feel like it, your light is inside waiting to shine and be shone upon. 

You don't have to let old stories or energetic blocks stand in your way anymore.

If things have felt a little out of whack, a little off kilter, or in need of some re-energizing,

THIS is the place for you.

We've got you covered with a breakthrough opportunity unlike anything you've ever seen before. 

2 coaches + 2 sixty minute one on one sessions
YOUR Believe Again Breakthrough

Together we infuse you with attention to your mind, body, and spirit through
Feng Shui and mindset awareness.



After creating and launching the Connected Growth Program, we knew that what we had going was too good not to share with more people. We knew there had to be a way to let people in on the magic for a fraction of the cost.  

In a one hour session with Jen you will identify  the places in your home that are holding you back from living to your fullest. With a brief introduction to Feng Shui, the ancient art of placement, she will help you make simple shifts to get the energy in your life flowing again.

In a one hour session with Amanda you will identify a one word WHY. This WHY word is the source energy you never knew you had, and when you learn to lean into it, it will fuel you to gracefully navigate your way through stress and overwhelm, while also giving you the power you need to reach your goals.

The combination of this inner and outer work is


Because we are so excited about this,
we are slashing the price of the program for the first 30 people to register.
This mean you can have access to this life changing work at over 50% off! 


Call us crazy, for the price slash, but we KNOW you won't be calling us crazy for the value. You'll be so busy believing in yourself again, that you won't have time to call us anything
but the coaches who ignited your passion again.