Women Who Inspire: A Collection of Inspirational Stories to Fuel Your Soul's Deepest Desires, Authentic Truth, and Divine Purpose.


An excerpt:

The Detour Becomes the Path

"The knowledge I was able to access through the connection I created with the methods of fêng shui provided me with profound clarity again and again. Practicing fêng shui was opening my eyes and my world in ways I hadn’t imagined possible. It helped me to continue to peck at and slowly remove my shell of perfectionism. It helped me realize that I had been afraid to fully connect with the richness inside of me out of fear of what it may uncover and lead me toward—something that wasn’t safe, or that wasn’t perfect, or that was even…gasp…messy. I had locked myself down, preferring to stay safe, creating a thick shell around me and an illusion of control. I had been afraid to uncover and reveal my gifts, even to myself, for fear of judgment, disrespect, and ridicule. The energy I was creating in my home with the power of fêng shui helped me peel back the layers that had been built up over a lifetime of fear and helped lead me to the understanding that embracing my softness, my vulnerabilities, and my uniqueness in its truest form was actually the path to success.

Practicing fêng shui plugged me back in. It helped me connect, listen, and understand my higher power and my inner wisdom. The connection opened my eyes to the miracles that surround us every day. I call them “soul snaps,” those universal detours, coincidences, or serendipitous events that wake us up with a snap and push us down the path toward our true passion and the joy of fully living in our purpose.

By continuing to follow those “soul snaps”, just like when my eyes locked onto the book that would change my life, it became abundantly clear to me that my true path was to help women who struggle within the confines of their own fear and their own restrictions of familiarity.

My path was to help awaken their path’s. To guide them towards discovering their own passion and purpose."

- Jen Heilman


Inspirational stories of healing, success, overcoming challenges, personal growth, mindfulness, soul expansion, soul alignment and finding your purpose in life.

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