Let's stop messing around.

You've got important things to do...

and it's time to figure out why they aren't getting done...

Are you with me?


You're doing the work...

You're making it happen...but you only seem to get so far and then...BAM...you hit that invisible wall again and it sends you into a spiral.

What's the deal?


I'll tell you...It may appear in many, many ways that you're saying a very loud 'YES' to your dreams and desires...but some where deep, deep down there's still a whole lot of 'NO' getting in the way. 

And that, my beautiful, about to be awakened friend, is exactly what we discover in these powerful breakthrough sessions.



Are you ready to feel empowered, inspired and eyes WIDE OPEN awake? 


Let's get started.


The Intensive includes:

A thorough analysis of your home detailing where your most critical "hot spots" are. These "hot spots" will point to issues you are currently struggling with in your life and lead to insights about underlying issues that are often difficult to recognize. 

Your limiting beliefs and energetic blocks have physically manifested in your home...making them easy to spot. To put it simply, the current state of your LIFE is being reflected in your HOME and your HOME is reflecting the current state of your LIFE.

During these sessions clients often shake their heads wondering,

"HOW could you possibly know that?!

I feel like you're in my head right now!"

(Hint: Your HOME shows me the answers you're looking for.)

We will get to the heart of the issue very quickly and define where your biggest blocks are showing up in your life and how you can begin to fix them. 

We will discuss how to implement the fixes and enhancements to ensure effective shifts and changes...

And, because there are no results with out action...there will be accountability...yes, my love, I'll be checking in on you weekly for the 4 weeks following your session.

My goal...just like yours...is to create real lasting change in your life...so let's get this done so you can get moving.


Grab your session right here!


"Working with Jen via an Intensive Session was so transformative. She definitely has “ninja” skills in her intuitive abilities to get to the root of issues, and quickly. I felt held in safe space, as she worked her magic. In my session we were able to look at the areas in my home that were needing more attention, and likewise how this was showing up in my life.

This is truly a unique way of moving through growth and uncovering the hidden areas that have been holding you back. I couldn’t believe how on target she was with areas I thought needed attention (and those I wasn’t aware of), and how she was able to put a whole new twist and perspective on it.

I think the most valuable aspect of this session is that I walked away with so many practical and applicable tools I could implement right away in my home and life to affect me physically, mentally and spiritually. That, I believe is one of the most beautiful things about her unique approach--you address the non-tangible aspects and translate them into real-life changes that can affect so much.

I highly recommend Jen as a fantastic practitioner and her services to anyone who is ready to make some breakthroughs and transformative change in their lives!"

-Becca Sarich - www.beccasarich.com


"As I have gone further down the road on my spiritual awakening, it became apparent that my environment would no longer support further growth. The need to create a harmonious place in which I could be my best self in servicing my clients became a top priority. I knew instinctively that things (literally) were blocking and clouding energy.

I guess I could have read a number of books and studied for months and years to learn and implement Feng Shui, but you popped into my life and I felt called to connect. I love that you use your gift of intuition when working with clients. From the very first moment of our intro call, I knew YOU were the right person. And to further confirm, you stated absolute truth about my environment, family, and frustrations without having ever seen my home."

Lisa Byrd- Mother/Daughter Relationship Coach - www.definitelylisa.com


Also included:

 "FIND YOUR SHWAY" by Jen Heilman: A Feng Shui Guidebook for future, easy to understand, reference for all your Feng Shui questions.

Are you ready for the Ah-Ha’s ?! The Clarity? The INSPIRATION?

Are you ready for the ANSWERS?

Let's get started!