I have teamed up with Life Coach & Thought Awareness Expert, Amanda Kingsley, to bring you an even more profound experience. You deserve the best and together we have created just that.

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Beyonce and Jay-Z. Amal and George. Amanda and Jen.
There are so few Power Couples on this level.
I’m not gonna lie, you guys. Before I started working with these two, part of me was like, “Meh. Life coaching and feng shui. So I’ll move some furniture and talk about a goal or two.”

What. A. Naive. Sweet. Baby. Honey. Child. I. Was.
Amanda and Jen are better than therapy. I don’t know how I got so lucky to get to work with them, but I am crazy amounts of happy that I did. I wake up early to do these calls, and if you know me, you know that’s the most profound review I could ever leave 😉
In a single session, Amanda opened up my eyes to how I run MY ENTIRE LIFE. Seriously. Every call, it’s like, “Oh, there’s that belief I didn’t know I had again. Man, that’s sneaky! I’m so glad I have Amanda to change the way my brain works. I can’t wait to use this same mind juju on my own friends...”
And then Jen comes in, and before I know it we’re talking about this one thing my dad said 17 years ago that’s been messing with me ever since, and I’m like, “How did she do that??!!!!” Breakthrough, breakthrough, breakthrough, breakthrough. That’s working with these two in a nutshell.
— Lauren Vanessa Zink - Connected Growth Coaching Client
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