Your Passion & Purpose UNLEASHED in 2017

Starting January 30th - May 5th!


This is going to be an epic year for manifesting your dreams and we want to ensure that you stay inspired and supported on your path to unleashing you passion and purpose in 2017.

We've collaborated as a group to bring you a


Weekly mini courses or challenges led by some of the most soulful and talented women's empowerment coaches presently walking the earth!

2017 has an incredible power behind it and the very real potential for life changing shifts...

It's thoroughly planted with the seeds of success.

If you have the desire to define and focus in on where you shine the brightest, as well as, understand what truly brings you the most joy and fulfillment...and then to find a realistic way to unleash it out into the world, then you've successfully landed in the right spot!

Our starting line up of Soulful, Inspiring, Gorgeous women is filled to the brim with talent and purpose.
They have all been brought together in one place to support you...

Whether you are just starting out on your quest to awaken and re-discover what's really important to YOU...and are feeling a bit lost, stuck or frustrated.

Or you've been receiving “The Internal Wake-up Call" and have started to realize,
"Hey, wait a minute! I used to have dreams too...
And, damn it, I’m ready to do something about it!
But, where do I start???”

Or you are a quest driven mama on a mission who needs the inspiration and push to keep you thriving, striving and focused. 

There is absolutely something amazing here just for you and we can't wait to get started!!


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The Starting Line Up:

January 30th - February 3rd

Jen Heilman- Feng Shui Expert, Breakthrough Specialist, Creator of the Abundance Academy and Mamapreneur on a Mission. She teaches soulful women, just like you, how to use the amazingly effective methods of Feng Shui to access clarity, guidance, empowerment, and inspiration in their lives and businesses. As a soulful woman you intuitively know the main issues blocking you from unleashing your passion and purpose out into the world... are those frustrating self-limiting beliefs...BUT what to do about them?  If self-limiting beliefs are your arch-nemesis...then Feng Shui is your super hero...Clarity, Action, Results...Success, joy, and abundance are all waiting for you. 

Follow Jen on Instagram: @jenheilman, Facebook: @jenheilman.fengshui, website: www.jenheilman.com

FREE Mini Course: Unleash Your Passion and Purpose with Feng Shui!

A deeper understanding of your souls callings are quickly revealed when you dive into the magic of Feng Shui. Learn how to unlock your purpose, power and success in 2017! Your most epic year yet!!

Plus receive the "Find Your Shway"- Feng Shui Workbook for FREE when you sign up.

This 100+ page Feng Shui Workbook, developed by Jen Heilman, Feng Shui Expert and Breakthrough Specialist, is an easy to follow step by step guide to using the magic of Feng Shui to access clarity around any self-defeating belief or block that keeps making you stumble on your path to success in your life and business. Stop wondering...the answers are right here.  Join us!


February 6th - February 10th

Anjanette Fennell- is a literary coach and agent who finally found her calling when she combined her passion for writing with her compulsion to help others find + honor their own voice. She believes that the biggest hurdles to living the life of our dreams are simply constructs of our past - once we let go of the Shoulds and Maybes and Can'ts, we allow our true voice to gain strength. She believes in the value of each voice and finding a way to reach the audience who needs to hear it. But most of all, she knows that every.single.person has a beautiful story to share - and no matter the format (fiction or non, novel or screenplay, how-to manual or old-fashioned letter) she can help others harness the creative spark to see it evolve.

Follow Anjanette on FB: www.facebook.com/YourLitCoach

Insta: www.instagram.com/anj_fen

Website: www.anjanettefennell.com

Mini Course: 5 Day Vulnerability to Reinvention Challenge

FREE challenge to move you from wishful thinking to active gratitude...I'll show you how turning toward your vulnerability can be the express-lane to helping you manifest the life of your dreams!

And, just for joining in the fun, we'll send you our print-and-frame-worthy Writerly Life Manifesto to keep you feeling the love every day.


February 13th - February 17th

Kate Butler is a #1 Best Selling Author, Certified Professional Success Coach and Intuitive Strategist. Along with her award winning books, Kate has been featured on HBO, Sesame Street and The Huffington Post. Kate's passion is intuitively coaching her clients through their own transformations and breakthroughs so they can identify their life's mission and begin living on their highest path. Kate accomplishes this through her books, 1:1 & group coaching work and live events. Her mission is to guide people to step into their light and ignite their life!

Follow Kate on Facebook: KateButlerBooks, Instagram: @katebutlercoach, Twitter: @katebutlerbooks, www.katebutlercoaching.com

Mini Course: Ignite Your Life

5 Step Process to reclaim your power, gain clarity on your purpose and create inspiration for the next steps in your highest path. This mini course is for the heart-centered entrepreneur who is looking for soul stretching regardless of where they are on their path. In other words, this course is for everyone. :)

February 20th - February 24th

Keri Gavin- is a Mindset and Business Coach. She's run two of her own businesses and has been an entrepreneur for the past ten years. She helps passionate women with service-based online businesses reprogram their brains, feel enough and take inspired action so that they can create the income, clients, and fulfillment they desire. Ultimately, Keri works with her clients to combine the science of the brain with the intuition of the heart!

Follow Keri on Instagram: @focusingontheheart  -- Facebook Group: The Connected and Creative Entrepreneur  - Facebook Page:  Focusing on the Heart - Mindset and Business Coaching with Keri Gavin  website: www.focusingontheheart.com 

Mini Course: Map Your Money Story

Map Your Money Story is a 4 day course where we will build one of the most foundational pieces to your success, which is understanding your relationship with money. We'll work together to uncover your money story in order to move past your blocks and make the money you desire.  We will break free from the chains of family dynamics that can make finances feel super emotionally charged.  We will recognize habits that are not serving you and take action to replace them.  We will reprogram your thoughts to allow the flow of abundance (without pushing so hard to get it!). Finally, we will embrace the power you already have in order to leverage your gifts to connect with soulmate clients!

February 27th - March 3rd

Deepa Ramachandran- is a personality typing specialist. She consults on strategies to achieve life purpose through understanding your personality fully. The knowledge behind understanding how your brain works best is the first step towards effortless ease in everything you do in life. Calling in ease brings in more connection with your purpose. Connecting with your purpose ultimately leads to abundance and an unstoppable you.

Follow Deepa on Facebook @DeepaRamachandrancpa, or at www.deeparamachandran.com

Mini Course: Your Personality Clarifies Your Purpose

When I say your personality clarifies your purpose - I mean that you, as a unique individual, with all your strengths, challenges and quirks, have a special purpose on this earth. And YOUR special quirks are required in their full glory for you to fully live out your purpose. What are your special gifts?

Every single one of your special gifts and little quirks is a peek into your purpose. Every superpower you have, every strength you have, and every challenge you face, is a peek into YOUR UNIQUE purpose. Are you paying attention?

Do you know that your strengths and challenges and quirks originate from how your mind works? Getting a clear insight into your mind's inner workings - the areas of strength and efficiency - and then amplifying those qualities gets you closer and closer to fully living in your purpose. How many times have you heard the opposite? How many times have you been told to get better at the things you don't do well?

Do you have a tough time managing a schedule, being detail oriented, or planning and setting goals?

How many times have you set those New Years Resolutions and failed? Simply because those resolutions were not aligned to how your mind works best?

Forget all that. This is the new year. Its 2017. Its time to take a new approach.

What are your strengths? How does your mind work best?

Find out here.

March 6th - March 10th

Amanda Kingsley- is a Financial Independence Coach and Health advocate. She runs two businesses that weave themselves together to serve a community of soul centered network marketing professionals. She is a mama of three and wife to her high school sweetheart now of 20 years. Amanda has a vision of improving the quality of life for families. Her mission statement is simple and profound: Have Faith. Invite LOVE. Be vulnerable. Evolve Gracefully.

Follow Amanda on Facebook: www.facebook.com/AmandaStarKingsley/  Instagram: @amandastarknigsley Website:www.thewhyhive.com
Mini Course: Ask and you shall receive - Releasing the answers from with in.
Intention is everything. In this mini course you will dig deeper into how to ask the questions that reveal your truth and bring more ease, peace, and joy to your life. From parenting, to entrepreneurship, to community outreach, learn when and how to ask the kinds of questions that leave you in a constant state of growing and learning.


March 13th - March 17th

Susan-Jane Rome- is a deeply transformative coach and mentor of over 25 years who works with female coaches and entrepreneurs to root out their blocks, master their psychology, and identify then monetize their zone of genius so they can live lives of freedom and make the difference they know is their purpose. She’s known for her uncanny ability to pinpoint the precise places her clients are stuck -- the ones they can’t see themselves -- and creating the only space safe enough for them to crack open and truly break through. Her clients say, across the board, that the only description for her work is “magic.” She’s the ultimate coach’s coach.

Susan is trained in a wide variety of modalities, including psychology, coaching, drug and alcohol counseling, reiki, personal training, acting, neuro-linguistic programming, the Alexander Technique, Pilates, bioenergetics, core energetics, and more, and helps her clients align on all levels: body, mind and soul. She’s also the creator of the Rome Technique, a psychophysical brain training technique that teaches the art of living, mindfulness and practical manifestation. Susan’s private practice, Rome Bodies LLC, has sustained itself in New York City for 25 years with zero advertising and has drawn top creators and business people including James Gandolfini and the NEXT Model Agency.

Follow Susan on Facebook: @susanjanerome website: www.susanjanerome.com

Mini Course: Manifesting with a Money Mastery Mindset


March 20th - March 24th

Laurel Holland- Life Coach, encourages her clients to courageously face their inner conflict and transform their stress into wisdom and power. Laurel began coaching in 1997 when she co-founded Women’s Center for Wellness in Massachusetts. As a former mental health counselor and Tai Chi instructor, she weaves transformational energy practices throughout her coaching. Laurel merges ancient wisdom with modern language and understanding in her book, Courageous Woman, Live Your Inner Power and in her signature program Live Your Inner Power. Live Your Inner Power is available online teaching eight essential practices to create an inner foundation of courage, authenticity and peace.

“Women are powerful and courageous – let’s put those qualities into action and create the world we want to experience.” Laurel Holland

Follow Laurelon Facebook: www.facebook.com/laurelhollandh, Instagram: @liveyourinnerpower, website: www.liveyourinnerpower.com

Mini Course: Unleash Your Emotional Power

Are your emotions draining you or are they fueling you? Are they affecting you and those around you in a positive way? How comfortable are you with all your emotions? What stops women from stepping into the life they really want to live? It’s all about their emotional experience, which is deeply affected by their relationships and their self-worth. This mini-course will equip you with a new perspective on emotions and teach you skills for using emotions as the fuel they are meant to be. In this course you will learn about the major emotional states and the important guidance they offer, a 4-step practice to consciously work with your emotions, and how to work with your fear (often our biggest show-stopper). Are you a woman who wants to step into her authentic power and become a creative force? Let’s get you on the path of emotional mastery. Unleash your emotional power in 2017 so that you can tap into your passion and purpose!


March 27th - March 31th

Tory Dube- On paper, Tory Dube is a certified Holistic Nutrition Specialist, certified Life Coach and certified Hypnotherapist. In action, she’s a ‘Let's have fun, OK?', reality-rocker. Working with individuals through holistic nutrition, or working with entrepreneurs through holistic business, her core philosophy revolves around the truth that what you put into your body, dictates how you feel in your body, which affects how you show up in your body.  She writes for several health publications, is a children's book author, hosts international wellness retreats, and works with clients around the world. 

Follow Tory on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/torydoobs/, Instagram: @torydoobs, Website: ToryDube.com 


We’re doing it wrong. There’s a gaping hole in our approach to health and happiness, and it’s *the* element that brings everything to fruition and alignment. During our 5 days together, we will discover this missing ingredient, rewire our brains for immediate, gratifying shifts, and learn techniques to forever overcome resistance to our new lifestyle habit. 

In addition to our 5-day workshop, you’ll also receive a FREE 15-minute downloadable morning movement & meditation audio to jump start every day with joy, connection, vitality & flow! 

April 3rd - April 7th

Patricia Missakian- is an international Akashic Records Mentor for spiritual entrepreneurs. She is the founder of the Akashic Records Institute, a school for spiritual development, where healers and coaches learn how to develop their intuition and decode the messages found in the Akashic Records. She has helped thousands of students discover their soul purpose and transform the lives of their clients through the Akashic Records. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Patricia brings together her colorful creativity, positive energy, and unquestionable mystical connection to everything that she does.

Follow Patricia on Facebook: www.facebook.com/AkashicRecordsInstitute, Instagram: www.instagram.com/akashicrecordsinstitute, Twitter: https://twitter.com/AkashicRecordsI, YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCkHC-wo4rSA1tu_533N4XsQ

Mini course: Whispers of your Soul Challenge

A 5-day Challenge to connect to your soul at a deeper level. • Open your intuitive channels • Allow synchronicity in your life • Trust your path and be open to opportunities

April 10th - 14th

Lisa Byrd- As Founder and CEO of DefinitelyLisa, Lisa teaches both moms and daughters how to navigate this most precious relationship and to ultimately be each other’s joy and support. Using both her experience and her Masters in Education, Lisa has developed courses that help moms and daughters move beyond mom~daughter struggles, embrace the true versions of each other, and create important boundaries. When Lisa isn’t coaching, she is speaking and sharing family secrets with lively audiences, visiting her three grown daughters, going to barre/yoga, writing her upcoming book, and hanging with her sweetie and two kitties in East Nashville. 

Follow Lisa on Facebook: www.facebook.com/DefinitelyLisaCo, Instagram: @DefinitelyLisa, www.DefinitelyLisa.com

Mini-Course: Finding your Passion and Purpose when your mom is STILL trying to direct your life. 

April 17th - 21st

Carrie Montgomery- Carrie is a Personal Brand Stylist for thriving female entrepreneurs.  She consults women on their image and brand projection. She coaches them to embody their soul and business with their authentic style. Carrie fused her background in film, marketing and holistic health to create a system to bring women to the forefront of their business and life. She loves to help women look good and feel good from the inside out. She teaches women to own their true beauty and to wear their heart on their sleeve. 

Follow Carrie on Facebook:  https://facebook.com/cmontgomeryllc, Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/stylebymonty,

website: carriemontgomery.com

Mini Course- How to create a captivating personal style for brand magnification: The 5 P's to a powerful photoshoot

April 24th - 28th

Julia Landis- Life Strategist~Dream Facilitator is a transformational life, clarity and mindset coach, dream strategist, speaker and writer.  She is also the creator of the programs Change Your Mind, Change Your Life and Your Dreams Matter.  She helps women (and some dudes in alignment) want what they want, desire what they desire and then helps them with a straight line strategy make those dreams come true. From getting clear on what it is you desire to developing the inner strength and creating a strategy, Julia assists people in stepping into their purpose and creating lives they love. 

Follow her on Facebook @JuliaALandis, Instagram @juliaalandis or visit her website JuliaLandis.com.

Mini Course: Your Dreams Matter! Mini Course on Creating and Living a Life You Love!

Clarity: What do you desire in your life?  Why: Why do you desire what you desire? Results: Once we're clear on what you desire we "back" into the result...and watch the magic happen!


May 1st - 5th

Shannon Brown- Shannon helps soul-driven entrepreneurs to create profitable online business' to live a more positive, prosperous and purposeful lifestyle. She has a personal blog called Thereshangoes.com and runs the Facebook group Upward Spiral Lifestyle as a community and resource center for people who want to go on an upward spiral in life. Whether that means connecting to your higher self and purpose, having a job that lights you up, developing a higher self esteem or going above and beyond a ‘normal’ lifestyle.

The core of the Upward Spiral philosophy is making your journey your own and using the powerful online world to design a lifestyle of meaning.

Mini course: Community building with heart-driven content

Follow Shannon:
Blog. Thereshangoes.com
Facebook group, Upward Spiral Lifestyle: https://www.facebook.com/groups/upwardspirallifestyle/
Instagram: @thereshangoes
Facebook: @thereshangoes