Refuse to SINK



What comes to heart is that this is my essence and I need to live it out loud.

No more hiding, no more dodging.

No more "what if's?", No more "How's?" Just NOW. It's what I'm doing.

I'm pushing through the fear. Leading with my heart and jumping in. Then we'll see how it unfolds.

I know what I need to do. My heart tells me it's exactly the right thing.

When I feel resistance it's only fear and my ego trying to protect me from getting hurt. Thank you fear, thank you Ego, but I'll follow my heart and my gut and they are telling me to jump.



The universe is saying, "I've got you, let's do this."

So here I am.


Ready for the NOW.

Listening, aware, here.

It feels scary… But beautiful.


P.S. my 11 year old Daughter brought this beautiful sentiment..."Refuse to Sink"... home to me from her trip to Maine, as well as a necklace symbolizing LOVE that I'm currently wearing over my heart...amazing how tuned in that lovely little beauty is.