Are you afraid of the mess?


Have you been holding yourself back because ultimately you're afraid to make a "mess" or to "mess up"?
Quite an interesting concept in my line of work...because things are going to, without a doubt, get a little messy before they can get better again.

Let's face it, life's messy...we are constantly cleaning up messes. Even in Feng Shui, you've got to pull everything out of the closet, make a mess, and put in all back together again before things balance out again.

You literally have to stir the pot to get things moving.

I'm wondering if you've gotten yourself caught in the same negative loop that I was in, always trying to preempt the "mess" or prevent the "mess", instead of just letting it be...Do you know how much ENERGY it takes to always be on guard, always waiting and preempting? Aack! It's exhausting! Think about that for a second...Think about how much MORE energy it take to keep everything in place and PERFECT, all the time...your life, your emotions, your home, your family, your schedule, your job...all wrapped up and no where to move. 

It actually takes an incredible amount of energy, in a world that is constantly changing with every breath, to keep it all contained. 

So what I'm asking today is, take a quick look and see where you can loosen the reins a bit...for your own beautiful sake, let the mess flow. 

Letting life get a little messy from time to time...that's when the magic happens...that's when the flood gates of creativity open, that's when the heartfelt moments happen, that's when the unpredictable outcomes appear...magic.

What would you rather feel:

 All boxed up, closed down, uninspired and unchallenged...but everything's tidy and kept...
Relieved, fulfilled and inspired, knowing that things are a little messy but just as they should be... 

Have you been missing out on life's magic because the "mess" feels scary?

What does the mess really represent to you?

Failure? Big Scary Feelings?

What are you hiding in your closet that your ready to let go of?

C'mon let's make a mess...I'll help you clean it up.