Making Room for Love

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Making Room for Love

5 Feng Shui Ninja Secrets That Have The Power To Transform Your Life

Feng Shui is an ancient art that allows you to “SEE” your life...perhaps for the very first time.

Your life and the circumstances you are experiencing are being reflected throughout your home.  When you begin to understand this concept you will be amazed by what you discover...about your life...and about yourself.

And here’s the fun part...not only will get to know yourself on a much deeper level but you’ll also discover ways to create change in your life...right this minute.

Sound too good to be true? Well, my little pretty, prepare to be amazed...because Feng Shui feels like magic.

Congratulation for starting your feng shui journey and taking your first brave steps towards the life that you were meant to live...right from the safety and comfort of your own home.

So why are you here today?

Have you decided it’s time to meet your true love?

Or perhaps you desire a deepening of your current love relationship?

Or maybe you just want more love and flow in all of your relationships...

Either way...I’ve got five FENG SHUI TIPS that will do just that.

One of the most important things you will learn in my teachings is about...

Drum roll please...


Creating SPACE for the things you LOVE and letting go of the rest.

If your life is OVER STUFFED in every way...Then there is no room for ANYTHING else to manifest in your life...

So, the universe simply doesn’t send you money, no energy, no love.

Here you will learn to CREATE SPACE for the things you WANT by removing the things that both physically and energetically are no longer serving you.

Which says to the universe, “I’m ready to receive your gifts now.”

You are literally writing the big “U” (Universe, God, Spirit, Source) a permission slip to fill in the void that you just opened up with all the goodies you’ve been desiring.

I believe that somewhere deep inside you already innately know here’s my theory...Because you know this on a deeper level, you are subconsciously filling these voids with anything you can get your hands on...even if, and especially if, it doesn’t serve you...

You fill the voids so full that there is absolutely no room for the universe to grant you any wish or desire...there is no room to receive any of the universal candy...because, for whatever your particular reasoning is...and we ALL have our own brand of reasoning... you don’t feel worthy...or somehow, some way, you feel you don’t deserve it.

Filling voids can be obvious...and sometimes not so obvious...Do any of these ring a bell?

Clutter! (We know this one, don’t we?!)

Overstuffed closets and drawers (Yup! Filled!)

Piles of paper mounting on your desk (Curse you paper piles!)

Sock drawers filled with mismatched socks (How much time have you wasted here?)

Disorganization everywhere you turn (I can’t find anything!!)

It can also look like...

Stuffing yourself with junk food or food that makes you FEEL drained (Chocolate chip cookies are my fav!)

Endlessly scrolling on social media (Guilty!)

Resisting regular exercise (I just don’t have time...)

It can also show up in our

Constant complaining (This sucks!)

Negative thoughts (Oh man, I know I’m going to suck at this!)

Self-deprecating comments (I suck way worse than you!)

Resistance to change (I don’t care if this sucks!)

For all intents and purposes and because we cover EVERYTHING in this exercise we are going to stick with the physical world of your home..

Are you ready to take a look in the mirror?

Don’t worry...Smile! This is going to be fun.

Tip #1- The Position Of Your Bed Can Make or Break a Relationship

Take a good look at how your bed is positioned in the room. Is it crammed up against the wall?

You want the space to reflect your DESIRES not your old patterns or believes.

The head of your bed should preferably be placed against a solid wall so you can feel secure, safe and grounded while resting.

You should be able to see the door from your bed but not be in direct line with it.

Now, here’s where the loving relationship stuff comes in...We are creating space for, in this case, LOVE.

We are creating space for a balanced, supportive, passionate and loving relationship..

Your bed should have room on both sides (not pushed up against a wall) and be flanked on both sides with nightstands and lamps of equal proportion and height.

This demonstrates balance and equality in the relationship.

Take a minute to pause and take this in...What is your current bedroom setup trying to tell you about your current relationship...or lack of a relationship?

Is one side of your bed pushed up against the wall? If you are in a relationship this can cause one of you you feel powerless. If you are trying to invite in a new love it’s likely it hasn’t I right? With the bed pushed against the wall you haven’t CREATED SPACE for your new love. And if you do enter into a new relationship at this time you may find this new person makes you feel inferior or insecure...and therefore isn’t the best fit for you.

You have to make room for the life you intend to live. Create the space that reflects your desire...

Live your life in every way like the things you desire have already happened.

This starts with setting up your space to invite the things you want and to remove the things you don’t want.

Tip #2- Color plays a big role in your life...especially in your love life

Color plays a huge role in the practice of Feng Shui...and in life.

Color is a vibration...and it has the ability and the power to raise, lower or change your vibration or energy level. The practice of Feng Shui helps raise your vibration...or energy level...and it helps to keep it raised.


Keeping your vibration raised to the highest level is the secret to manifesting the results you desire. When your vibration is raised to its highest level it’s like drinking 10 cups of coffee (without the jitters). You are ENERGIZED, AWARE, and ready to TAKE ACTION! You are super focused and able to see a clear path to your desires. Most importantly you are CONFIDENT and EMPOWERED...and you are fueled with the energy needed to get you exactly what you want!

Also, when you raise your vibration to a higher level, the things you may have considered out of your reach or “above” you suddenly become reachable. Like attracts like. Energy matches energy. When your vibration is raised you are attracting and manifesting the things you desire at a higher level. Which in this scenario equals a deeper, more passionate love life and a relationship that supports you and values you as an equal.

Color in the room.

If you are trying to spice things up try adding splashes of red for passion.

If you want to soften things and deepen the relationship try pinks and flesh tones.

If you want to refresh and renew the relationship try greens.

Warning: grays and blues will cool things off but that may be a good thing!!

Warning: too much red will heat things up to a boiling point and can oftentimes cause

arguments. The key is to find the balance that works for you.

Tip #3- Value Your Future Self

Don’t skip this makes such a huge difference in your everyday life. Here we go...I’m going to say it!

Make your bed.

Yup, Honey, please, I’m begging you, do this...Make Your Bed. Do you want to messy relationship? The practice of Feng Shui and the universe are very literal. A messy bed equals a messy relationship or a messy love life. Once you start this daily habit, you will be thrilled with the results because they ripple out into every part of your life! Metaphorically smooth out your day by making your bed. Welcome your future self to a restful respite in the evening where you can relax, rest and connect with your partner. Be intentional, add a PAIR (Pairs = Partners) of throw pillows, perhaps pink or red or whatever feels good. These throw pillows now represent you and your partner or future partner. After you smooth out your bed, lovingly place the pillows with a prayer or intention about your love and commitment as a final touch. The energy you put into your space is the most valuable ingredient in this whole process.

Tip #4- Be Aware Of What You Are Choosing To Surround Yourself With

The artwork and photography that you choose for your bedroom and your entire home has a huge impact on your energy. I can remember one particularly impactful moment when a client of mine realized that the painting she chose to hang above the bed she shared with her husband was of a very, very lonely looking rocking chair. The chair was not only solo on the porch but also gave the appearance of longingly, perhaps, desperately gazing out to sea...from its secluded porch! Not surprisingly, her husband traveled much of the time for work and she felt very much alone for large portions of time.

Light bulb!

Your space reflects your current circumstances and if you want to change your circumstances you can easily change your space to reflect your desires. After realizing this, my client quickly got straight to work. She took down the lonely rocking chair painting and replaced it with a beautiful map of the world, which she embellished with all of the travel destinations she and her husband dreamed of going together. I just saw a Facebook post of her and her family heading off on a dream vacation!

Be cautious about what you hang on your walls.

LOOK at your space with LITERAL eyes. Your home is spelling out the story of your life. The good news is you have the power to change it.

Tip #5 You Are Worthy Of Attention

Do you know how many times I’ve heard, “But it’s my bedroom, nobody sees it but ME!”

It’s the “why bother” syndrome. If this is you, it’s time to shift gears. Your bedroom is an expression of you, your energy and your life. You spend at least eight hours a day in there. Your bedroom (and your home) are a reflection of your life... Knowing this, how do you want to feel in your life?

Cluttered, tired, messy, musty, forgotten...and don’t forget UNWORTHY OF ATTENTION? (from you or your loved ones) Or do you want to feel light, inspired, fresh, clear, free...and


I’m guessing the latter sounds more appealing...yes?

SO it’s time to take a good, long, necessary look at your bedroom and everything in it. It’s time to remove everything that reminds you of the life you are unhappily living. Set up your space to MATCH the life you WANT to live...Remember, you can’t change anyone but yourself.

You can only lead by example.

Start with yourself.

Raise your energy. Raise your vibration. Raise the vibration of your space to help hold those good vibes and watch as not only do amazing shifts happen for you but for your loved ones as well. Feng shui feels like get out your wand, it’s time to sparkle it up around here!

If you want to learn more about how we can work together to get you back into the FLOW and FUN of life...Shifting you away from fear and doubt and moving you into empowered confidence and clarity...In all areas of your life.


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