Feng Shui Has Given Me My Joy Back and Refreshed My Life


The easiest way for me to explain Feng Shui to you is to explain how it has changed my own life in so many ways—all for the better.

Feng Shui has given me my joy back and refreshed my life.  Every day I find that new opportunities are falling at my feet. My relationships have deepened. My career has taken off.  My finances are back on track. My life has quieted and exploded all at the same time, and I am eternally grateful.

As a result of my own experiences, I feel it is truly my life’s purpose to help people just like you re-find their joy, open themselves up to finding their true path in life and gain control over the chaos.

Take a look around you. What do you see?

The first lesson in changing your life is changing your surroundings. Whether you realize it or not, your living environment and your work environment are profoundly affecting you and every aspect of your life.

For example, are you experiencing health issues, financial instability or a troubled relationship?  How about a lack of respect from others, a lack of support or a lack of control? When was the last time you had an inspired thought… and then had the courage to carry it through?  Well, all that’s about to change. It’s your time, my friend. It’s your time!

When you start to view your surroundings with your newfound “Feng Shui eyes,” you will see that you can remove the blocks that have been holding you back.  Feng Shui makes life flow more easily. When you come up against one of the nasty little roadblocks that life throws at you to keep you on your toes, you will have the tools to tear it down and keep moving forward.

FENG SHUI: Defined

So, what the heck is FENG SHUI?  That’s the big question, right?

The words Feng Shui (pronounced FUNG
SH-WAY) when translated from the Chinese language, mean Wind and Water.  The subtle meaning is related to “seen” and “unseen” energy in nature, how it flows through everything and everyone.    


Wind isn’t something you can see, obviously, but you still know it’s there; you can feel it.  Its force can be so great that it bends trees and whips your hair.

Water is very similar to energy in the way it behaves.  Picture a free-flowing stream or brook. When water is running free, it is clean and healthy—it even sparkles.  It provides nourishment to everything in it and around it. If, however, the water becomes blocked or dammed, it will become stagnant and unhealthy, potentially causing illness or disease.

It is a scientific fact that everything is made up of energy.  You, me, the trees, the earth, that old chair over there, and yes, even your clutter. UGH!

You may be able to “see” energy when it’s in the form of a physical thing, but what you may not realize is that there is energy flowing all around us and through us all the time.  You can’t see it, but I’m willing to bet you’ve felt it. Think about the old expression “You could cut the tension with a knife.” It’s not just simply a metaphor; there is living energy coming off of us.  It’s not always good energy, but, nonetheless, it’s energy! And we, as living beings, are generating it. Wind, water, plants, trees, fire and earth are all generating it. It’s coming from everywhere… it is everywhere and it’s what makes this whole show work or not work.

When you incorporate the methods of Feng Shui in your home, you ensure that this energy is affecting you and your life positively.  Jamie Barrett, author of Feng Shui Your Life, describes this very eloquently:

In the same way that blood and oxygen must flow freely and purposefully in your body, so must energy and life force circulate throughout your daily environments.  The room and spaces you inhabit influence your well-being and your opportunities in life. Feng Shui provides practical methods to strengthen the positive energy in your surrounding and to create beauty.  It gives you techniques to transform your home into a sanctuary: a place where you feel happy, healthy and motivated, where your aspirations become reality. Your daily stress can be greatly reduced when you minimize the chaos of the outside world by creating your own safe haven.  When your surroundings nourish you, your energy increases and you feel more empowered to achieve your goals. By infusing your environment with vibrant energy and symbols of beauty, love, success and bounty, your space becomes a living, breathing manifestation of the life you want to live: a blueprint for your destiny.

If Feng Shui has always CALLED to you the way it's called to me...let's connect...you don't need to know anything more than it interests you...I'll do the rest.

Much Love to you!

The Feng Shui Ninja (Jen Heilman)