The Glimpse


When you are making progress towards your next stage of healing
you get little glimpses, little ah-ha's…you feel like you're always on the EDGE of knowing… and
then, POOF, the thought or idea just floats away...Wait come back!!  I feel this happens when you aren’t quite ready. If the information you were searching for were to hit you right smack in the center of the forehead you wouldn’t know what to do with it…it would simply be wasted.

You can, however, take in the glimpses, step-by-step, as they start to formulate into tangible ideas and understanding.

I've been experiencing these glimpses lately…and the floating away part can be a bit frustrating because all of a sudden… "I get it!! BRILLIANT!!”… and then it seems to disappear.

My glimpses recently have been about me breaking through the walls, blocks and resistance to receiving.

I was drawn last week to get my Shway on in a big way, but I didn’t realize at the time what my subconscious was up to until it was complete. I started in the Wealth area, I made some adjustments, watered the plants, loved them up a bit and added some PURPLE mums (purple is the color of the Wealth area), it felt good. I then moved on to the kitchen (the Knowledge area of my home) where I de-cluttered and tossed the school paper pile…that area is supposed to be about STILLNESS! Sheesh! Once that was done I moved onto the mudroom (the Helpful People area) where I swept and straightened and organized…and then finally I hit the LOVE area, where I added some beautiful PINK roses (PINK is the color of the Love area) and I was done. The house felt peaceful. I felt peaceful.

The next morning, after a good night’s rest and with the house in alignment, the ideas that had been floating away and evading me for so long began to pour in and I was able to hold on to them and write them down!

It occurred to me that my struggle to receive abundance spilled out into 4 different areas of my life- Wealth, Knowledge, Help and Love, (the 4 corners of my home, the 4 corners of the Bagua, and what I now call the 4 Pillars of Receiving.)  All 4 of these areas are about Giving and Receiving- Money, Knowledge, Help and Love…and I struggle with accepting (or receiving) all of the above. When this realization washed over me, it WAS very much like getting smacked in the center of the forehead with the exact information I needed to move forward in my life…to move forward on my road to success and accepting abundance, to move forward and understand my unquenchable quest for knowledge, to move forward and recognize my need to broaden my support and to move forward and fulfill my desire to soften my walls…It was all very much linked and if I wanted one, I had to understand them all…and that has opened my eyes up VERY WIDE. I can finally see how it’s all linked and now that I can see the link, I can focus on the adjustment.

Feng Shui has the mind blowing ability to uncover and tear down the blocks that hold us back in our lives. Whenever I feel stuck, blocked or spun out I lean in to the power of Feng Shui and without a doubt, every time, I’m shown the light.


(The photo above was taken after my day of SHWAY!)