Sometimes you just gotta jump!

Even if it means fully dressed in your finest.

What's the worst that'll happen, you get your clothes wet?

Perhaps, the flip side is so very worth it...a good laugh and a much needed release.
Keep 'em guessing, hell, keep yourself guessing...spontaneous jumping, I highly recommend it.

Shake it up.

Dance it off.

Sing it out.

Who cares who's looking? Do what feels good to YOU in that moment.

Believe me, they're watching with that look on their face...but not because they don't like what they are seeing/hearing but because they are quietly wishing they could too.

So why not invite them?

Invite them for a dance, a verse, a splash. You'll be pleasantly surprised who actually joins in.

Join me for a splash. Shake things up. See where it takes you.