Where is the Magic?


I woke up this morning feeling beyond tired and quite dismayed. What a bummer way to wake up.
As I sat and drink my coffee I pondered a bit about how I could shake this feeling out.
A friend & mentor (Amber) popped into my head and I heard her words, "what would LOVE do?" Her trigger word is LOVE which is a fantastic word, no doubt, but my word is different because we all have different things that resonate with us, my word is MAGIC.

So I asked myself, where is the magic?

Because it's always hiding somewhere. You just need to shift your mindset to see it.
Much to my relief, as soon as I said those words, "where is the magic?", my energy started to shift. I literally felt lighter and I immediately knew what I needed to do to feel better.
I needed to take 10 minutes to clean up my damn bedroom.
I went from incredibly tired and dismayed to lightly bouncing around my room ... just by changing my thoughts. Magic!

Here's a little Feng Shui tidbit.
Your bedroom is probably one of the most important rooms in your entire house...it is the key to your sanity.

I often hear people say, "But, it's my bedroom I only sleep in there." Or "nobody sees it but me." But, honestly, aren't YOU the most important person in YOUR life? For this reason alone your bedroom should be a haven, a sanctuary, a retreat... Not just a room with a bed.

So I honored my sanity this morning...

I took 10 minutes to put everything back in its place, to pick up the towels, the laundry, the toys (ninja turtle shells), and make my bed. I also did a little energy work and set the space with my intention.

By the end of the 10 minutes it felt like a completely different room, a completely different space, a space that supported me, encouraged me, and I place I knew I could come home to and rest.

What are you doing to honor or nurture your Sanity today?