From Universal Space To Your Space: What The Academy Is All About



If you’ve been with me for awhile, you’ve heard a lot about the Abundance Academy. But did you ever wonder exactly what it is, how it works, and what I teach within its walls?

Really, when it comes to it, the Abundance Academy is all about you. It’s about finding your place in the Universe, working with the flow of life, and allowing yourself to create the life of beauty and abundance that you dream about.

Sounds like a pretty lofty promise, doesn’t it?

If you have a moment, though, I’ll tell you how the Abundance Academy teaches you to become a part of the Universal flow. How to work with it rather than to push against it. And how to align with source energy to become the co-creator of your own amazing life.

The thing is, we are all part of something bigger than ourselves. And yet at the same time, we are creators of our own reality. Co-creators with the Universe, that is!

The Abundance Academy is here to help you understand, appreciate, and open up to all the beauty that is available to you. It’s about recognizing what hinders your ability to receive by examining both your internal and external worlds. It’s about letting go of old thought patterns and habits that get in your way of fully experiencing your life.

And we take it all from a top-down approach, starting with the vastness of the Universe itself and flowing all the way down to the power of your own thoughts.

How do you even begin to fathom all of this?

Let’s start by envisioning the world as a giant, expansive, and boundless funnel. One that goes from the farthest reaches of space and time down to your personal corner of the Universe.

Imagine yourself with a bird’s-eye view of the Universe. As you’re viewing everything from above, envision as a massive and expansive funnel. At the top of the funnel, you’ll find the environment, the seasons, and the Universal flow.

As the seasons change, they direct the environment that surrounds us all. Of course, we’re all subject to the large-scale changes that the seasons bring. It’s up to us to roll with the ebb and flow of the world around us. But that’s for a reason. As the seasons change, nature shines a light on different areas of your life.

Each season highlights the different aspects of your soul. Be it the the Fame area in the summertime, the Love area in the late summertime, or the Creativity area in the Fall.

So we flow from the environmental changes that are outside of our control and eventually filter down into our own physical spaces, the areas where we have a little bit more say.

Once we’re down through the funnel into our physical space, the next step is our bodies. And from there, we move into ourselves as energetic beings. Into our hearts, minds, and brains.

We start with the seasons, the environment, and the world around us. Then we move into our own physical spaces. From there we focus down onto our bodies and our internal energy. And finally, it comes down to our brains and the thoughts that flow through our heads.

Each one of these layers has a purpose. They help you understand how the environment affects your space, your body, and your brain. And all of these layers eventually help you understand what you’re thinking, where it’s coming from, and how you can direct your thoughts to support the abundant life that you desire.

It’s not mumbo jumbo. It’s not new-age “woo-woo”. Whether you believe it or not, what you think manifests in your world physically. Your thoughts really are that powerful.

The most beautiful part is that once you understand what you’re thinking, it leads to genuine and lasting change. When you recognize your own limiting beliefs and realize that they’re just old stories, you have the opportunity to rewrite your own story in a way that feels right to you.

My friend Keri Gavin, a frequent guest expert in the Academy, compares limiting beliefs to grooves on a record. (You remember records, right?). She explains it like this: thoughts and patterns have been imprinted onto your brain just like grooves on a piece of vinyl. But when you’re able to notice them, you can smooth them out. You can pave over them. And you can replace the grooves of fear and scarcity with ones of joy and abundance.

You might be a healer, a coach, or simply someone who wants to make a positive impact in the world. But the best way to ensure that you bring your gifts to the world is to first align with yourself. Understand where those limiting beliefs are keeping you stuck. And from there releasing them so that you can bring your passion and purpose to the people you were meant to serve.

In the Abundance Academy, you learn about the tools that keep you focused, aligned, and receptive. And one of the most illuminating tools you learn to use is Feng Shui.

Feng Shui helps you recognize on the outside what’s happening for you on the inside. It shows you a physical representation of your patterns, habits, and thoughts. And we’re talking about your true thoughts. Not what you wish you were thinking. Not what you hope you’re thinking. But what is really going on in that head of yours.

You learn how to notice what is going on in your world not only in a physical sense but also in an energetic way. It illuminates the hidden ways that you might’ve been feeding your limiting thoughts, and how those thoughts might be showing up in your body.

Most of all, the Abundance Academy provides the knowledge, the insight, and the tools to help you clear your space. To open up your entire life to everything that the Universe is waiting to give you.

After all, isn’t that what it’s all about in the end?

If you are ready to learn even MORE about empowering your space and your life, then the Academy just might be the right fit for you! The doors are open NOW, and I can’t wait for you to see what’s inside! All of the details are right here: