Are You “Limping” Through Life?

 How Feng Shui Can Help You Run Again


Do you ever feel as though you’re “limping” your way through life?

Not in a literal or a physical way, necessarily. I’m talking about holding onto a “crutch” in a way that might be a little more under the radar.

The kind of thing that makes you believe you have to sit on the sidelines….when secretly you want to charge down the field.

Does that sound at all familiar to you? If it does, you’re not alone.

Sometimes fears based on old injuries show up in everyone’s life. They tell you to slow down, proceed with caution, and grab the crutches “just in case”.

Of course, they usually mean to protect you. But sometimes they outstay their usefulness by a LONG shot. Causing you to continue limp along even though you’re actually ready to run.

When I was in my 20s I had major knee surgery. And as you can imagine, it left me to make a lot of adjustments in getting around during the healing process.

It was funny what happened next, though. Even after the injury had been repaired and the healing was completed, that limp that I’d adapted to didn’t seem to get the memo.

I remembered the pain all too well. And I did NOT want to go through it again. So even though I was ready to walk normally again, I continued to limp.

I was strong enough to stand on my own….and yet I still continued to cling to the “crutches”.  

It’s probably won’t surprise you, but the same kind of thing happens with our thoughts, our mind, and our energy system.

When injuries, interruptions, and complications show up in our lives, they can leave a mark. A vulnerability. Something that you feel you need to protect from the pain of re-injury.

So what happens?

The crutches, the training wheels, or the limp steps in to save the day. And sometimes they stay for a lot longer than you thought they would...or actually need.

It’s a way of favoring old injuries, whether physical or emotional. It’s creating a pattern or a story around them. And it’s designed to keep you safe and protected from facing that same pain again.

The pattern remains, even after it’s not needed anymore.

Something like this happened in my world a little while ago. It happened around the time that Zozo, our beloved puppy of 14 years, was struggling with a serious illness.

She’d gotten very sick and needed constant care. And it became a large part of my life making sure that she always had what she needed.

I fully dove into caretaker mode. Right up until the moment when she passed away.

But after she passed away, something curious happened.

I found myself still hearing her at the top of the staircase as I went by. I would be washing the dishes in the kitchen and I would hear creaks in the floor above my head and immediately think, “Oh, I better go check on her.”

Even though I knew she was no longer there. I was still fully anticipating her needs.

I was still listening for her.

I started to acknowledge and understand just how engrossed I had become in her care.

It had left an imprint on my subconscious that was still hanging on strong.  

A pattern had been deeply grooved into my life and that pattern was now a part of how I experienced my home.

Walk past the stairs, listen for Zozo. Hear the floor creak over my head, think of Zozo.

It made me very aware of how those kinds of ingrained subconscious patterns can outlast their need and got me thinking about how interconnected our life experiences are to our homes.

Your home plays a huge role in how you experience your life...and that’s why we have Feng Shui!

Feng Shui is the link between the seen and the unseen...the unmanifest and the manifested.

Have you ever tried to physically see your patterns? It’s like trying to see the can’t SEE the wind, you can only see the results of the wind. The movement of the trees, the blowing hair.

Feng Shui helps you identify your subconscious PATTERNS. It helps you acknowledge where you are still limping from that old injury. It helps you clarify where you are holding yourself back in your life and business. All of these things are being physically manifested in your space. In the form of clutter, or a room you never go into, or a photo of an old love still hanging on the wall

You are surrounded by your patterns and “limp’s”.

Take a look around your space. How are you triggering your old patterns, your old fears?

Are you ready to stop triggering the old fears and the old patterns and START triggering feelings of empowerment? How about confidence? How about abundance and love?

It’s all possible with when you open your eyes to what’s right in front of you. The answers are waiting.

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