We all have intuitive gifts...

We all have intuitive gifts...but until you strengthen yours you can borrow mine.


I felt guided to share this exchange today...

We all have intuitive gifts, in fact, I will help you develop yours...but until you strengthen yours, you can borrow mine...

This is an email exchange with one of my 1 on 1 Support Clients that tells the story of my level of commitment to my clients and their future success and transformation...and it tells of her commitment to her own success and transformation...which has been remarkable.

Email Exchange with 1-on-1 Support Client

Jen's weekly support email to client: "Ok, we are diving into your LOVE AREA! Which, for you, is located in your kitchen...I have no doubt that you have the biggest intention to get in there and clean out the cabinets but I wonder since this is the area related to the MOTHER of the house, and we have a tendency to put ourselves last, if you will experience some resistance. Resistance can come in many forms- tiredness, boredom, irritability, avoidance- so if any of those things come up this week just recognize it.

My intuition keeps telling me to share with you that "it's your time to FLY."

Time to stop "caging" yourself in. I see you spreading your wings and it's beautiful to watch...the next step is slowly softening the walls around your HEART...and beginning the process of learning to openly RECEIVE as much as you GIVE...as women and mothers it's easy to give, give, give...it's all we know...but it's now time to find the balance.

Opening your eyes and truly seeing yourself is such a beautiful thing...a gift.

When you can begin to see the light in yourself it allows you to be aware and see the light in others as well.

Practice RECEIVING from your loved ones, as well as, SEEING them as you would like to be SEEN and RECEIVED.

Pay attention to what kind of resistance, negative inner talk and old stories come up and know that they are just that...stories and mindless chatter...Make a game out of it and see how quickly you can recognize it when it starts...The faster you get, the quicker you will be at tweaking your mindset from one of self loathing to one of self love."

Client email response-

"First of all, WOW.  And then WOW.

The kitchen and resistance thing is SO SPOT ON! Not about cleaning it,  because I blasted through this area when I was cleaning the garage.  Suddenly I felt like I had to clean the tops of the cabinets and the fridge and inside the pantry.  So the cleaning is partially done, and the other half is not a big deal.  It's the actual usage of the kitchen and my presence in it that resonates with me so clearly.

I've been cooking for so long,  this past year I called it quits.  My daughter's have sensory issues,  texture issues,  allergies and everything in between.  My hubby is also very picky. So for the last 15 years, I'm usually cooking 3 different meals for 4 people.

My creativity for cooking had dried up and I resented being in that space.

Now I think I'm ready to go back in there and restart being the nurturer. But on slightly different terms.  I want to go there and feel like I'm lovingly feeding my family and not because I have to do this task. 

So thank you,  your description of the love area just made all this click on my head and I feel so much better for it! I need to focus on the FEELING behind it.

And what you said about "caging myself in"....WOW AGAIN!  (That's all I seem to be saying today!)

I told my mom and dad exactly 2 weekends ago that I feel like I've finally been let out of a CAGE. And I think my dad had tears in his eyes.  I used those EXACT words. 

I love when synchronicity happens.  Thank you for that as well.

I just had my photo shoot today for my website and I was practically hyperventilating after I saw the proofs.  I had to clutch my heart several times. 

The photos looked just amazing and I didn't recognize myself in them.  It IS time to spread those WINGS and be seen. 

And I'm going to really need to strengthen that love area, for myself and for my family.  So all your tips and ideas will be welcome on our next phone call!

Again,  thank you amazing Jen. Your intuition continues to amaze me on how spot on it is,  and I appreciate everything you say and write.

Thank you and talk on Wednesday."

Transformation is possible...are you ready to see how?