My Story


For me, Feng Shui has brought clarity, connection and inspiration back into my life.

When I became a mom, I slowly began to lose my way...and though my circumstances were extreme, I realize now that most women in our culture are expected to "lose their way" when they become mom's...So many of us become lost in motherhood...and so focused on keeping our loved ones happy and healthy that we sacrifice and eventually lose touch with the very things that make us happy and healthy...and let me tell you, if mom isn't happy...nobodies happy.

My son was born with a severe, life threatening, heart defect...the doctors conveyed that without a series of reconstructive surgeries he would not survive childhood.

In the early days of his life we were faced with the shattering reality that we could lose him. My story became one of tethered devotion and unshakable fear. My focus was completely absorbed in the fragileness of his life...and as a natural result...I lost touch with everything that was uniquely mine. 

My son truly is a miracle and at 11 years old he is thriving...and I'm on the road to recovery!

My personal path to recovery didn’t begin until the Universe staged an inspiration 'smack in the face' intervention and the beauty of Feng Shui was magically dropped in my lap. (Thank you, Universe.) I was completely captivated and absorbed; it truly spoke to the core of me. It was exactly what I needed...I began to experiment with the principles and to my delight, the Universe responded.  

Feng Shui opened up and ignited a sense of inspiration and connection that I hadn't felt in years and...I began to SEE my true self reappear.

The results have been so amazing that it has become my mission to help women, just like you, use the amazingly effective methods of Feng Shui to guide, empower, propel and inspire their lives as they step into the LIGHT of their own power, purpose and success. I help them SEE, define, understand and REMOVE the reoccurring blocks that keep showing up in their paths by using the intensified clarity and manifesting power of Feng Shui. I love it!! xxoo