Fire, Fame, And Feng Shui--How To Let Your Bright Light SHINE!


Fire and Fame--what images, feelings, and thoughts ignite in your mind when you hear those words?

Now, what if I asked you if you have enough Fire and Fame in your life?

Maybe when you heard “Fire” your first thought was a massive blaze that you saw on the evening news. How about “Fame”? Do images of Britney Spears or Kim Kardashian flash before your eyes?

Well, fortunately, I’m not talking about either of those things--I’m talking about the kind of Fire and Fame that are a little bit closer to home (in more ways than one!).

When I say “Fire”, I mean the inspiration in our lives. That energetically charged space related to the crown chakra right on top of your head. That space where all of your personal information, Universal downloads, and deep understanding enter your body.

And when I say “Fame”, it’s about you being seen and being admired in your community for your unique talents, skills, and genius.

So the “Fame” is being recognized and celebrated for who you truly are--and the “Fire” is the inspiration the keeps you connected to the divine.

That is, in your most brilliant zone of genius.

Whether you call it God, the Universe, Source, Earth energy, or anything else, “inspiration” is really all about that divine connection.

It’s about those downloads that come from the Source, flow into our crown chakra, and ignite our understanding. This is the Fire.


And now that we’re in the Summer months, we’re in a truly explosive and expansive time for Fire! Because in this warm and passionate season, all these beautiful messages and gifts from the Universe come through--and it’s our time to run with them.

During the Winter, we’re in a place of rest, stillness, and preparation. Then Spring brings longer days, warmer temperatures, and replenishment. This is when creativity starts to sprout from the seeds of Winter.

And when Summertime comes? It’s time for building, expanding, and sharing our creations with the world. In other words--setting those goals on fire!

Think of the expression “she’s on fire”--it means that you are lighting up the world. Your style, your skills, your talents--they’re all part of that personal Fire that illuminates the Soul that you really are.

And from the Fire comes the Fame.

It’s not an ego-based Fame game of “see me”, though. It’s comes from a deep knowing and understanding that the brighter you shine your light the more you will be recognized, admired, and cherished just for being YOU.

Feng Shui.png


This is the perfect time of year to light up the Fame area.

That is, the the space inside you dedicated to sharing who you are---as well as that actual space in your living area that is devoted to helping you shine your light brightly and proudly.

I’d love to invite you now to do a quick evaluation on your Fame area, both inside and out--and optimize it so that you can fully express and share the beauty of YOU.

So when it comes to the Fame area, it’s all about how you present yourself to your tribe, your community, and most of all--yourself.


Ask yourself this: how do you feel about having all eyes on you? Being in the spotlight, being the center of attention?

Sometimes we hide hide from recognition. Or maybe even manifest the kind of attention that we don’t want so as to hide our true selves even more.

If there’s anything amiss in how we feel about our own Fame, things like this are pretty revealing clues.

So I invite you to take a look at how you’re sharing your gifts with the world right now. And from here ask yourself--is what you’re doing helping you receive the respect and admiration that you truly want?

If that’s not happening, it might be that you’re simply afraid to fully express your own Fire and Light. And that affects your ability to receive your Fame.

Sometimes we’re afraid to be fully expressed because we might outshine someone else. Other times the fear is that someone might actually see us in our absolute amazing uniqueness.

And other times, the social conditioning in our lives has made us us so afraid that we actually hide from ourselves.

For example--maybe as a young child, you received a unique and special message from Source. And when you gleefully shared it with the adults in your life, it was doused with a bucket of ice wat

Maybe a disapproving adult told you something like “don’t be a weirdo” or “that’s just not the way the world works.”


That can be one way that we learn to dim or even extinguish our light, and at a very young age.


Here’s another thing--how do you receive compliments? Do you shrug them off? Or maybe backpedal your accomplishments when you receive well-deserved praise?

That’s another common behavior that might be trying to tell you that you’re hiding--and shrinking.

tart to take notice of these things in yourself. When you start to notice those behaviors and actions, you might also see where they’ve been hiding in your environment.

This is where Feng Shui comes in. It shows us in physical reality the places where we might’ve been unconsciously “watering down” our own fire.

Have a look at the Fame area in your home--that is, the space that is dedicated to you, your talents, and how you present yourself to the world. And let’s see what it says about how you really feel about being in the spotlight.

Let’s say that your Fame area is in your bathroom, for example. Now, there’s a pretty obvious abundance of water there, right? Maybe it has shades of blue or water vases filling up the space.

Now, let’s be real--a space that is intended to favor fire won’t do very well if it’s in an oasis of water, right?

This might be a hint that you’re actually trying to keep your personal flame under control--and perhaps even snuff it out.

Now, as for me, I have a little confession to make--I have a big ol’ pool in my Fame area! Yes, I admit that I’ve been guilty of dulling my own flames--and I’ve seen the evidence in my external surroundings, too.  

But with the help of Feng Shui, I’ve been able to recognize this and take the steps necessary to bring that spark back to my space and re-ignite that fire.

When you add more Fire to your personal Fame area, you expand your ability to receive the love, admiration, respect and recognition for who you truly are.

So that’s what we’re gonna do right now! I’ll share with you some of my favorite ways to add some spice, excitement, shine to the your Fame space with colors, tones, and light.

In other words, some Feng Shui FIRE.

Copy of Copy of Feng Shui(1).png


Start with fiery colors--work in those reds, those oranges, and yellows--all the colors that conjure up fire and passion.

When you add in the fire element, it makes a big difference to remove the water element if you can. After all, you can see how having the water and fire in the same space can be pretty counterproductive!

Of course, if your bathroom is your fame area, you can’t very well remove the toilet. But what you can do is tweak the surroundings.

Add warm accent colors. Favor red candles and orange towels, for example, over blue shower curtains or water vases.

And of course, any time you can bring actual light into the picture brings in even more Fire to your space.

Natural light is always the best, but extras like energy-conscious night lights--that literally never go out---work wonders to light up your space, both literally and figuratively.

It’s like the light perpetually shines on YOU and your uniqueness.


You can take it one step further, too, and include the wood element with plants, too! After all, wood fuels Fire--and plants are a beautiful addition to any space that needs a little firing up.

Lastly, always consider your intention behind everything. You have to balance out the elements...but it’s also crucial to add that energetic drive behind it in the form of your intentions.

Consider who you want to be--and what you want to be known for. Then allow both of those things to sit for a moment. Feel deeply into what it would look like not only to be the person you want to be, but also to be known for the uniqueness that you bring to the world.

Once you allow this vision and the feelings to come forth, the ideas to make that transpire in your life will start to flow. Those downloads will come, the inspired action will propel you forward….and before you know it you’ll be living in that manifestation vibration again.

Bring out the Fire in your Fame space….and allow it to shed light on YOU. Not the ego-driven you, not the you who you think you are inside your head, but the real you.

The one who is beautiful, vibrant, accomplished, and brimming with gifts. That woman who is truly “on fire”--and deserves all of the praise, recognition, and love for what she brings to the world.

Igniting the Fame space with your divine Fire is just the way to bring perpetual light into your life--and bring in the kind of respect, admiration, and attention that you deserve.

Now I want to hear from you--have you ever found yourself “dulling your flame” in ways that you might not have realized before? How do YOU plan to bring a little fire to your fame space and let your light shine a little bit brighter?

Shine your light and share you thoughts in the comments below!