The Power and Magic of Photographs


TOOLS OF THE HIGH-VIBE TRADE: The Power and Magic of Photographs

This whole “Law of Attraction” thing that you’ve been hearing so much about…is it really a thing? Is what you actually RECEIVE in your life directly related to how you “vibe” with the Universe?

Well, the truth is that the Universe is always ready and waiting to deliver to you pretty much everything you could ever want. True story.

Now, it might not show up instantly before your eyes like the swish and flick of a magic wand, but you really can create the business, life, and world that you desire the most.

If you’ve been hanging out with me here or in my Facebook group, you know that I’m all about developing and maintaining a “manifestation vibration”.

It’s that higher state of being where you’re shining your light, your arms and heart are open wide, ready and willing to receive...and the love and gratitude are just streaming through you…

So much so that the Universe just can’t help itself--it simply HAS to shower you with miracles, opportunities, and happiness because you’re just so totally dazzling!  You literally have become a MAGNET! A manifesting magnet.

Who wouldn’t want to have a permanent residence in a state like that?

Getting there is all about you, your energy, and being aware of the vibration that you put out into the world.

There are so many ways to lift up your spirit to match a higher “manifesting” vibration, if you know where to look for them. Opportunities to feel love, gratitude, happiness, and appreciation are all around, all the time.

And of course, you can create a high-vibe haven in your own living space to make the journey to abundance even more beautiful and inspiring!

One of my favorite “trade secrets” for this is creating a high-vibe physical space that totally connects with your innermost vibration. With the wisdom and power of Feng Shui, of course!

Feng Shui is one of the ultimate tools of the high-vibe trade. And today I’m going to share with you another way that you can energize, inspire, and light up your living space with the magic of YOU.

It’s something you already have in your home. It’s far more influential than you might even realize. And with a few simple tweaks, it can cause some big-time shifts in your space….and your life.

Your photographs.

Pictures might seem like simple likenesses you keep around to remind you of the people and places you love, but there’s so much more to them. The old saying is that they’re worth “1000 words”. But words don’t even begin to cover it.

They’re snapshots of time that encapsulate feelings, memories, and energy. Your pictures carry with them the memories from the moment they were snapped. And with them all the emotions you attached to them in that moment, for better or for worse.  

While some photos conjure up warm and energizing reflections, others might bring on those flashbacks that deflate and deject you. Even if that was not the intention at all when the shutter on the camera went “click”.

Let’s say, for example, that you have the picture-perfect family portrait hanging above the fireplace. Everyone dressed to the nines, smiling their prettiest smiles.

But every time you see it you remember a different story altogether.

You were late to the appointment with the photographer because you got stuck in traffic. The kids were incessantly bickering. You and your husband weren’t speaking over who even remembers what.

Not exactly family bliss “on fleek”, right?

What if every time you see that picture, all you can remember is how thoroughly disappointing the day was from beginning to end? Doesn’t feel like the kind of memory you’d like to have on a repeating loop in your head, does it?

Tell me, knowing photographs have that kind of influence, which kind of moments would you choose to have running in the background of your everyday life?

There’s a simple yet transformational action you can take right now to make sure that the images in your space are serving you in the best way possible. If you’re ready, I’ll share with you something that’ll immediately shift the energy of a room, a corner, and even your entire home.

So go ahead and give this little trick a try…..

It’s time to take a walk through your home. Take a few moments and connect with the photos on your walls, your end tables, and your nightstands. Feel the energy flow in each one and ask yourself….how do they all make you feel?

What’s really going on behind the scenes in each one? What stories do they tell?

Now ask yourself this: which ones make you feel powerful, beautiful, and bright? And which make you feel more like cringing, shrinking, and hiding?

Let’s say you came across a snapshot of yourself that makes you tense up and cringe every time it catches your eye. If it doesn’t feel right, then it doesn’t need space. Even if others say you look amazing. Or try to convince you that it’s your best shot.

It doesn’t matter what anyone else says. If it doesn’t energize you, don’t bombard yourself with it every time you walk into your living room.

Pick a picture that makes you feel amazing. The one one look at it and say, “Yes. THERE I am.”

Whether it came from a photo shoot in Fiji or it’s a selfie you took in your backyard, it’s how that picture makes you FEEL that matters most.

It’s about surrounding yourself with things that empower you rather than defeat you.

Because let’s be honest: the outside world is frequently more than willing to try and get you down. Why invite the unwelcome guest of self-defeat into your home?

So honor yourself. It’s your space, after all. If there’s a photo that just doesn’t feel good to you, don’t put it on the wall. Save that space for a photo that loves you back.

It’s the Law of Attraction working miracles for you here, if you allow it to. Your thoughts create your emotions. Those emotions go out into the world. And that’s what the Universe sends back to us.

Naturally, you’ll want to make what you send out as positive, joyous, and abundant as you can!

And choosing the right photographs can truly help you ride that high-vibe wave...and let the Universe know that you’re ready for even more beauty and abundance in your life!

Do you have monuments to the awesomeness of you on your walls, or could your pictures use a little bit of an energetic upgrade?

Give your space a little clean sweep, and let me know what that shift in the dynamic feels like for you in the comments below!

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