Who needs a little lovin'?


Bringing the LOVE Back To the Love Area

It’s the season of love. Summer time is the season of the heart. That makes it the perfect time to turn your focus to love.

The LOVE area, that is!

What do I mean by LOVE AREA? In Feng Shui there are different areas of your home that are specific to the different themes of your life...LOVE, WEALTH, CAREER...there are 9 in total. When you see your space through this new lens you can see where your life is flowing and where it's stuck. Today I'm talking about the LOVE area and it's impact. 

What is the love area all about? You might think of romance right away, but there’s more to it than that. The love area is about connection. It’s about understanding who you are at your core and knowing what you need in your life.

The love area is also about receiving. It’s the balance of putting yourself out into the world as well as allowing yourself to receive what will no doubt come back to you.

It’s a beautiful thing to give. But the cycle of giving and receiving needs to exist in harmony so that you may enjoy your most abundant and balanced life.

So let me ask you this: is there a place in your life where you’re resisting the energy of receiving? When it comes to receiving love, wealth, happiness.

Ask yourself this: was there ever a time where you found yourself resisting the gifts of the Universe in an almost defiant way?

It’s all too common to put up resistance to receiving love, abundance, or support. But the truth is that receiving is just as necessary to a balanced and fulfilling life as is giving.

When you bring new life and energy to your love area, you begin diminishing the walls around receiving. You learn through the messages of Feng Shui why those walls are there and how you can begin to tear them down.

This is where getting to know the Love area of your home and taking a look through your Feng Shui eyes can explain the mystery. Your space provides clues.

Resistance to receiving can show up in subtle ways like in your behaviors. Things like brushing off compliments or being reluctant to accept gifts...take notice.

It’s time to strengthen those muscles of acceptance and receiving.

It’s time to take a look at the Love area.

Your Love area always falls in the back, right side corner or your house or room.

Look into your space right now and ask yourself this: how am I not allowing myself to receive the energy of love and/or abundance? And how can I start to open the door so that it can allow it to flow into my life with out struggle?

What is your space saying about your current love life?

Now, a big chunk of my Love area is the mechanical room next to my pool. Doesn’t sound like much of a place for romance, passion, and sparkle, does it?

But just like every other area, it’s all in what you bring to the space.

I’ve brought in tones of pink where I can. There are two red chairs that sit side by side. I’ve added an indoor carpet with a reddish pink hue. Flowers, plants, life...energy.

See what I did there?

I incorporated the vibrations of pink and softened the edges. I’ve brought in feelings of coupling and duality. I brought in expansion and light.

I'm rewriting the story in my space and therefore I'm rewriting the story of my life.

When you are able to see how blocks to love are showing up in your life, you can awaken to that limitation and make a change. You can make changes immediately to your space...and those changes create shifts in you energetically.

You can bring in elements that energize your space.

Reminders to stay alert to where and how you are blocking love and abundance. As you awaken you grow and expand and move beyond the story.

It’s about opening up to love and abundance everywhere in your life. Finding your purpose. Trusting your intuition. Being able to access all of those things that welcome in love and abundance and moving from a place of struggle to a place of flow.

That is the mission.


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