{A Trip Around the Bagua} Let’s start with money.

Wealth and Abundance

Wealth & Abundance

Let’s start with money. It’s an exciting place to start. Who doesn’t want more money?

If you are standing in your front door, facing inside the house, and turn to your left, the Wealth & Abundance area is in the back left corner of your house or room. (Get your free Feng Shui Bagua Map right here.) For even more info about the Bagua map click here...

Download Your Free Feng Shui Bagua Map RIGHT HERE!

What do you see? Hopefully, it’s a bright beautiful room, filled with sunshine and healthy plants! But if not, don’t fret. Even if your Wealth & Abundance area is a dark and dingy garage, we’ll get it fixed up, and money will start flowing into your life in no time!

You may have noticed already that sometimes Bagua zones can be completely missing from your home. Take a look. Is everything intact? Having this zone missing from your home can be a real burden on your finances. But, it’s okay! Like I said, we can fix it.

Whatever you are seeing, are you starting to make the connection? Are you starting to see your financial status in a different light?

This area isn’t just about money; by definition, abundance isn’t just about financial rewards… though they are nice. This area is also about blessings, opportunities, stability and contentment. With your Wealth & Abundance area enhanced, you could possibly:

  • Acquire a steady and stable income

  • Get a raise

  • Secure a higher paying job

  • Increase income for things like vacations or material desires

  • Raise enough money to fund a new project or follow your dreams

  • Make more money in business

  • Be presented with more opportunities

  • Generate more cash flow

  • Increase prosperity

  • Find contentment and inner peace with what you already have in life

  • Experience gratitude for the blessings in your life

  • Increase your self-worth

  • Increase your self-confidence

  • Feel more empowered

  • Feel secure about the importance of your place in the world

  • Achieve more success in your life

  • Get into the flow of giving and receiving

Discovering your space…

What is your subconscious trying to communicate through your living space?

While comfortably sitting in the Wealth and Abundance area of your home, take a long look around. Make the following observations:

  • What do you see? What room are you in?

  • How does the space FEEL? How do YOU feel in the space?

  • Is the space clean, kept and open? Or is it cluttered, dirty and closed?

  • What do you like about the space? What do you dislike about the space?

  • Does the space reflect a strong connection to your current WEALTH situation?

  • Does the space reflect your current level of abundance?

  • Take a minute to just to sit and be quiet, look and listen, what is the space trying to tell you? What have you been afraid to notice? Write about your observations.

Time to get your SHWAY ON!

YAHOO!  Move your stuff, change your life! The following is a list of energizing enhancements for your Wealth and Abundance that will help you get your money flowing and your abundance growing. By empowering this space with the following enhancements you will be creating more wealth, connection, contentment and a life to be grateful for. Make the changes, remove the hazards (also listed below), set your intentions and let the magic happen. Expect shifts, they will happen!

If you feel comfortable, share your intentions and enhancements in the Facebook group (Feng Shui Made Easy with Jen Heilman). Share the shifts as they happen. Let’s celebrate the Ah-ha’s together!

Enhancements for the Wealth & Abundance area

design (2).png


Colors: Purple is the most important and most helpful color in the Wealth & Abundance area. Also, red and green.

Water: Gentle, clean, moving water is best, symbolizing the flow of money into your life. Make sure there are no leaky faucets in this area, or you could be watching your money leak right out of your bank account.

Plants: Big, leafy, healthy plants that are going to make you think of your finances growing.

Fresh Flowers: Especially purple, red and green arrangements.

Light: Bright, sunny rooms are perfect—for every area—but that generally isn’t the case in most houses. Using lamps or nightlights is a great way to power up your finances or any room in your home.

Mirrors: Place a mirror behind a plant or a water element and it will double its abundant energy. But, be careful where you place a mirror; make sure you aren’t doubling something undesirable—like clutter!

Symbols: Anything that reminds you of feeling blessed, abundant, prosperous or content.

Wealth & Abundance area DON’Ts

Feng Shui Wealth Area DONTS.png

If you want your Wealth & Abundance area working at its best, make sure the space is clear of the following:

  • Clutter

  • Dirt, dust, grime

  • Anything broken or leaking

  • Dead plants or dried flowers

  • Anything that makes you feel guilty, unhappy, sad, mad or any other negative emotion

  • Fire, fireplace, candles—you don’t want to burn up all your cash!

  • Trash — If you can, avoid it! My Wealth & Abundance area is in my mudroom, which also serves as a laundry area and recycling area. Talk about a triple whammy! But, knowing that my wealth and abundance depends on this area, I am extra motivated to keep it tidy. I know I must keep the laundry moving, not piled up. I know I must keep the trash and the recycling area as clean as possible and never let it accumulate and get stinky. And I know that the mudroom needs to stay organized and clean. Every time I put the effort into getting things cleaned up, something shifts in my finances. Every time!

Did you learn something today? Did you feel awakened to how your space is reflecting your current life circumstances? Let me know in the comments below! I love to hear about what you've learned! If you'd like to join me and learn more about how Feng Shui can change the trajectory of your life...sign up below for weekly Feng Shui Lovin' right to your inbox! See you soon.

Sending you love and light...and a fresh flow of abundance!

xoxoxo - Jen


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