{A Trip Around the Bagua} Tap into the Wealth of Knowledge that Lives Inside YOU!

You are more powerful than you ever thought possible

Knowledge & Self-cultivation


This area is often overlooked by people who want to get on to the more exciting stuff like love and money, but this area has an equal, if not, higher importance and relevance in your life.

  • Being able to TRUST YOURSELF is the most beautiful gift you can give yourself...and the world.

  • Having the wisdom and the knowledge to make the right choices is extraordinarily important.

  • Being able to tap into your inner wisdom and to trust that inner guidance will have a profound effect on every decision you make and how you live your life moving forward.

  • Having the confidence to follow your truth and to trust yourself with every move you make is absolutely paramount to your level of success in love, money, health and everything in between.

  • Life is for learning, and the more you learn, the stronger your skill set will be.

  • Imagine how empowered you’ll be when you’re able to recognize advantageous opportunities every time they present themselves.

  • With this wisdom, you can knowingly pick and choose what you want out of life.

The Knowledge & Self-Cultivation area also defines your ability to set up safe, healthy boundaries that reflect your core needs. It helps you get in touch with your inner guides, your inner wisdom and your intuition.

Clarity will be your new best friend and forward momentum will be a new constant. The word STUCK will no longer be a part of your vocabulary.

You are a unique individual with unique needs, the more you can define, understand and honor those unique needs the more success you will have in your life, particularly, success in LOVE & MONEY!

The Knowledge & Self Cultivation area is in the far left corner, along the front wall of your home or room.

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Click Here to Download Your Complimentary BAGUA MAP!


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Discovering your space…

What is your subconscious trying to communicate through your living space?

While comfortably sitting in the Knowledge & Self-Cultivation area of your home, take a long look around. Make the following observations:

  • What do you see? What room are you in?

  • How does the space FEEL? How do YOU feel in the space?

  • Is the space clean, kept and open? Or is it cluttered, dirty and closed?

  • What do you like about the space? What do you dislike about the space?

  • Does the space reflect a strong connection to your intuition, your inner knowledge?

  • Does the space reflect your knowledge of self and your ability to learn?

  • Take a minute to just to sit and be quiet, look and listen, what is the space trying to tell you? What have you been afraid to notice? Write about your observations.

Time to get your SHWAY ON!

Shway it up!  Move your stuff, change your life! The following is a list of energizing enhancements for your Knowledge & Self-Cultivation. By empowering this space with the following enhancements you will be able to access your intuition more readily, understand what is working for you and what isn’t and align yourself with more opportunities to do the things you love. Make the changes, remove the hazards (also listed below), set your intentions and let the magic happen. Expect shifts, they will happen!

If you feel comfortable, share your intentions and enhancements in the Facebook group (Feng Shui Made Easy with Jen Heilman). Share the shifts as they happen. Let’s celebrate your inspiration together!

Trust Yourself

With your Knowledge & Self-Cultivation area enhanced, you could possibly:

  • With your Knowledge & Self-Cultivation area enhanced and in alignment you could:

  • Gain a deeper knowledge of yourself

  • Access and deepen your intuition

  • Understand your unique needs with more clarity

  • Understand your personal strengths

  • Understand your personal limits

  • Strengthen your will and courage to take on new things

  • Become more productive and clear in your direction and pursuits of knowledge & self-cultivation

  • Attract people that are supportive and understanding of the REAL you

  • Find stillness and more time for quiet contemplation or meditation more often

  • Quiet your mind, your body, your life

  • Be available for the right opportunities

  • Become a better student on every level

  • Have a better understanding

Enhancements for the Knowledge & Self-cultivation area

Copy of Copy of Igniting Your Creativity and Feng Shui (1).png


Color: Blue

Light: Lamps light this space up and call in your enlightenment!

Books: Books, books, and books. Books about anything! But, more importantly, books you would like to learn from so that you can gain knowledge, enhance your skills and deepen your wisdom.

Altar Space: Create an altar area on a table, dresser or windowsill that symbolizes anything to do with you gaining wisdom or engaging in self-cultivation.

Plants: Healthy plants keep the energy activated in this area.

Photos: Photos of mentors, teachers or knowledgeable people

Artwork: Images of quiet, serene places like mountains, lakes or beaches

Symbols: Anything that symbolizes your quest for knowledge, wisdom and self-cultivation

Meditation Items: This area is perfect for meditation and quiet reflection. When you meditate, you allow time to listen to your heart’s voice. The quieter you get, the louder it speaks.


Related body part

Hands: Hand pain, circulation issues or arthritis? Enhancing your Knowledge & Self- Cultivation area may help alleviate some of the symptoms.

Knowledge & Self-cultivation area DONT's

If you want this area working at its best, make sure the space is clear of the following:

  • Anything loud and distracting

  • Unpleasant images, artwork or photos of unwise and unknowing people

  • Clutter: don’t block your inner wisdom or your thought process

  • Be careful not to let magazines and newspapers pile up here; they are filled with stories about unwise people and distracting information.

  • Dirt, dust, grime

  • Anything broken or leaking

  • Dead plants or dried flowers

connecting the dots

So what do you think?  Did you discover some new things about yourself today?

What really caught your attention today?

Are you able to connect the dots between the circumstances of your space and the circumstances of your life?

Let me know in the comments below! I love to hear about what you've discovered!

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See you soon.

Sending you so much LOVE! 

oxoxo - Jen

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