{A Trip Around the Bagua} Are you living ON PURPOSE?

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Career & Life Path

Wouldn’t you love to wake up in the morning excited to start your day...because you know you're living in your purpose...and living in your purpose lights you up like nothing else...

Feng Shui helps you see very clearly whether you are living in your purpose or if you are (unknowingly/subconsciously) trying your hardest to avoid it! Quiet down and take a look around...and really see if you are actively connecting to your deep, deep inner knowing...your purpose...your path...or if you are doing a complete 180 and running the other way! Feng Shui allows you to access information about whether you are choosing to embrace and walk your path or if you are resisting and avoiding your path out of fear or doubt.

We are discussing the Career and Life Path area this week...which is located at the center of your home along the front wall. (If needed, scroll down to get your complimentary Bagua Map so you can successfully locate your Career & Life Path area.)

What is your Career & Life Path area saying to you?

Living the un-live life

Using your Feng Shui eyes, you can see where your inner turmoil is boiling over and you can begin to dig into WHY that is happening. First things first, clutter and mess equals turmoil...so clearing the turmoil from your home, in the physical realm, will help open up and make room for new information, new energy and new awareness.

You can literally SEE your life more clearly and in turn make better choices on your path.

Once your Career and Life Path area is cleared of clutter and mess you can then remove any symbols or elements that are counterproductive or reflective of your resistance to fully step into your path and purpose.

Your space is a reflection of your current circumstances...if you want to change your circumstances...if you want to change the trajectory of your life...change your space and watch as your new life unfolds.


With your Career & Life Path area enhanced, you could possibly:

Living On Purpose
  • Increase your business
  • Decide on a career path
  • Discover your passion or your life’s purpose
  • Fully embrace your purpose
  • Have more ambition, willpower and drive
  • Better communication with everyone in your life
  • Keep your emotions balanced and in check
  • Get in touch with your individuality
  • Enjoy your work

Click Here to Download Your Complimentary BAGUA MAP!

Click Here to Download Your Complimentary BAGUA MAP!

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Discovering your space…

What is your subconscious trying to communicate through your living space?

While comfortably sitting in the Career & Life Path area of your home, take a long look around. Grab your JOURNAL and make the following observations:

• What do you see? What room are you in?

• How does the space FEEL? How do YOU feel in the space?

• Is the space clean, kept and open? Or is it cluttered, dirty and closed?

• What do you like about the space? What do you dislike about the space?

• Does the space reflect your ability to follow your heart’s desire, your purpose, your passion...your path?

• Does the space reflect the current state of your emotional health? Water is reflective of EMOTIONS?

• Take a minute to just to sit and be quiet, look and listen, what is the space trying to tell you?

What have you been afraid to notice?

Time to get your SHWAY ON!

Let’s SHWAY! Move your stuff, change your life! The following is a list of energizing enhancements for your Career & Life Path area. These enhancements and suggestions have the power to put you back on your PATH...helping you find your purpose and to live in the joyful, energized state that living with purpose brings. How does the sound?! 

Make the changes, remove the hazards (also listed below), set your intentions and let the magic happen. Expect shifts, they will happen!

If you feel comfortable, share your intentions and enhancements in the Facebook group (Feng Shui Made Easy with Jen Heilman). Share the shifts as they happen. Let’s celebrate your inspiration together!


Enhancements for the Career & Life Path area

Discover Your Purpose

Colors: Black, Blue

Water: Water is the element for the Career & Life Path area. Think of a meandering brook or stream making its way along its given path. Not fighting, just flowing and just knowing. Symbols of water of any kind (as long as it’s not dirty or raging) will do. Placing a fountain or an aquarium in this area is perfect. You could even use a fresh glass of water, or a beautiful bowl filled with water. Just make sure to change it daily!

Artwork: Photos or paintings of the ocean, lakes, ponds, and streams.

Light: Lamps light this space up to call in your career energy.

Mirrors: Mirrors are symbols of water; they also help keep a space energized by bouncing the light around.

Glass: Glass is also a symbol of water.

Plants: Healthy plants are great for any area of your house, but keep them to a minimum here. Earth (as in soil) dams or blocks water.

Personal Symbols: Anything that symbolizes the path you wish to be on or the career you wish to be in.

Altar Space: Create an altar area on a table, dresser, or windowsill that symbolizes your life’s path.


Related body part

Ears: Hearing issues, ear infections? Look to your Career & Life Path area for clues that might be easy to fix.

Career & Life Path area DON’Ts

If you want this area working at its best, make sure the space is clear of the following:

  • Fire

  • Earth or dirt, which blocks or dams water

  • Earth tone colors: yellows, browns, oranges

  • Anything that doesn’t reflect what you want to do with your life

  • Clutter

  • Dirt, dust, grime

  • Anything broken or leaking

  • Dead plants or dried flowers

connecting the dots

So what do you think?  Did you discover some new things about yourself today?

What really caught your attention today?

Are you able to connect the dots between the circumstances of your space and the circumstances of your life?

Let me know in the comments below! I love to hear about what you've discovered!

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See you soon.

Sending you so much LOVE! 

oxoxo - Jen

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