My Time.


Yesterday morning I did an energy shifting exercise for my body (another new energy avenue, I love it!) In the exercise I was to ask myself, "what was making me SO ANGRY?" and then sit back and listen. The main thing that came up was "My Time", which I really thought didn't exist. I was angry that others didn't make "My Time" a priority...I was blaming everyone around me for stealing my precious time. I was creating tension between me and my loved ones because I truly felt "I never have enough time". For the last 12 flippin' years, that's been my mantra, "NO TIME", and when I say "NO TIME", I mean, no time for ME!

Yesterday morning everything shifted. I realized, just like everything else in this life, I was making a choice. I was actually choosing, "NO TIME" and the more I said it the more it sealed the deal. Choosing NO TIME was actually a self-limiting belief! And since energy follows thought, every dang time I said it and MEANT it, the universe said, "you are absolutely right, JEN!" Poof- Here you go! NO TIME! 

Talk about Ah-HA!! So I started right then and there...I changed my thinking immediately. I went from "No Time", to "My health and well-being are a priority. Making time for my needs is an absolute necessity everyday." 

Honestly, for all my Woo-Woo loving friends out there, I actually felt a physical shift. It was wild. I felt refreshed, I felt renewed, I felt excited! I popped up and knew I was going for a walk. I announced to my family on the way down the stairs that I was going for a walk, all were welcome to come but I was going...everyone grabbed their sneakers, I grabbed the dogs leash and we headed for the woods...even the cat wanted to tag along...(until we crossed the brook and then he decided to turn back.) 

Everything about the experience was light and easy. The whole afternoon was filled with things I WANTED to do...

I had made the choice and the choice has stuck. It was a much needed repeat today...Yoga by the pool, meditation and a long shower...Glorious.

Just a simple shift and here I am, on my way...On my way back to my long awaited "12 years ago" self...the one that knew and didn't think for a second that it was selfish to make her needs a priority. Virtual HIGH FIVE, thank you very much!!   xxoo