What the heck is a Self-Limiting Belief?


I have made a DISCOVERY! My biggest Ah-HA moment yet and I believe it's going to change your life just as much as it's changing mine.

I love Feng Shui! I love the magic it brings into my life and I love helping people discover this magic in their own lives. I believe everyone can benefit from this ancient art so I've done my best to put my own approachable spin on it and make it feel more relatable for people just like you.

You see, what I've discovered is that most of us are subconsciously setting up our spaces, homes, and offices to support our negative patterns and our self-limiting beliefs.

I know, right?! Why the heck would you do that??

The most honest answer is: Because it feels SAFE... it's what you know...it's what you've been TOLD and it's what you BELIEVE to be true.

 OK, so what is a self limiting belief?

It's an idea or a repeating story that has been imbedded deep down in your personal belief system that keeps you locked into self defeating and self destructive behaviors and patterns. The key to your success, in every aspect of your life, is understanding these untruths and finding the tools to release them and keep them released.

I'll give you a very real example of what I'm talking about; I have one particular client whose story comes to mind...A few years back I was invited to her home to for a Feng Shui consultation. During the consultation we discovered that her "LOVE" area was completely missing from her apartment. The Ah-HA moment that washed over her was undeniable. She realized in that moment that the last 3 apartments she had picked to live in were all missing the LOVE area. She was able to make the connection that on some level she didn't feel worthy of love and she was locking herself into that self-limiting belief by creating a living environment that supported this pattern.

Living in the "DEN of LIMITS."

Have you ever wondered why every time you attempt to step out of your comfort zone in the hopes of propelling yourself forward or you initiate some self care by getting your butt to yoga class...all that GOOD ENERGY and intention for change seems to hold for a bit...and then slowly, slowly you slip back into the norm of "before"?

It's because you're living in aDen of LIMITS and all that momentum you've just worked so hard for can't compete. Those self limiting beliefs are deeply ingrained and you are surrounded!

When you invite the practice of Feng Shui into your life you are opening yourself up to positive change. I often hear from clients that they start to see shifts immediately, even before we start the real work. Why?

Because you're READY and you are making a conscious agreement to accept the work. When that happens...whoa, watch out!

The universe says, "YES!! Let's do THIS. I'm here to support you, I've always been here to support you...I was just waiting for you to believe what I already know...

You are MAGIC!"

The practice of Feng Shui acts as a guide. It's greatest gift to you is clarity and positive change. Your home will quickly become a tangible tool to aid you in manifesting your goals and dreams. 

You will learn how to arrange your space in a way that SUPPORTS and nurtures your goals, your dreams, and your SELF-EMPOWERING beliefs. You will be able to physically seewhere you are subconsciously setting up self sabotaging road blocks and where your life is free flowing and fancy free.

The clarity that Feng Shui helps you develop will allow you to dive deeper and discover where your particular blocks have taken root.

Recognizing the roots of these blocks is your path way to freedom.

Once you make the connection you can respond with a shift to your physical environment. This will support your healing even if your inner blocks are struggling with all their might to hold on. The external shift supports the internal shift to ensure the shift actually takes place! 

Your struggle to move forward will end. Your "stuckness" will be no more. You will be fully engaged in the now and back on your path to success. 

I can't wait for your Ah-HA moments to start flowing!

Remember, life isn't about ONE big Ah-HA! moment and then your done...It's about the thousands of little ones that lead you to the bigger ones and celebrating each break through along the way with full acceptance. 

Helping you discover these blocks. Nudging you towards your own Ah-HA moments. Helping you figure out what's been holding you back so you can fully bloom into the amazing YOU. This is the work that lights me up.

Once you start to open your Feng Shui eyes, you'll feel it immediately, from now on there is nothing that can hold you back. 

Let's get you back on your path...on your path back to YOU.