The Whisper


In general you have two internal voices.
The intuitive voice or language within you is soft and nudging, just like nature.

The ego voice is loud and aggressive like the human brain.
Whenever you are trying to listen to your intuition you have to get extremely quiet because it only speaks in a whisper.

At times it can be a bit confusing... whether you are hearing the intuitive voice or the ego voice, the difference is how the message comes through.
If the voice is dancing around flapping its hands and jumping up-and-down trying to get your attention and it's definitely the ego voice. Ego is always trying to get your attention in the most obvious ways.
The intuitive voice is patient, it will wait until the moment is right perhaps until the ego has calm down or given up or moved on.
Then it will speak again, clearly but quietly and only for an instant, a soft, striking instant of....listen.
Capture the instant, write it down because those are the moments when you really, truly need to be aware and tuned in.

Also, in that moment listen as the ego starts to chime in and distract you like you're a baby or toddler having a meltdown. Cue flashy toys, security blankets and pacifiers...."you're safe with me, no need to listen to that other guy..." If you need to truly know the answer to a question, the answer will always come softly, just like a warm summer breeze. Nature doesn't bang on the drums, humans do.

The intuitive voice is gentle, so gentle that sometimes you may wonder if you heard it correctly. But the more you tune in and listen to the quiet, the more easily it becomes to hear the message. The quiet message will never steer you wrong, it may feel uncomfortable (cue ego again) but it is never wrong and the prize is well worth the fleeting fear.

What did your intuitive voice share with you today? Mine said, "tell them about the whisper."