Something I've come to learn and I'm trying to embrace is that fear is always present in everyone's life. Fear is instinctual. It's here to protect us. It's here to try and keep us safe. "Don't leave the cave at night or you'll get eaten." Right?
Yes, Fear does serve us but it's not meant to keep us living inside the cave We need sunshine, fresh air and sustenance and those things are not inside the cave. They are out in the world waiting for us.

I have goals and dreams, I know you have goals and dreams. You must, even if they're buried deep under the massive piles of laundry. I know and you know they're in there, just waiting.

But what keeps you from acting?

I see it in your face, you're so lit up when you talk about your hopes and dreams and goals. It's beautiful.

But then I see you wither. Digress.
Who are you hearing inside your head? What story did you just tell yourself? You're not worthy of people's acceptance?
You're not smart enough?
Nobody will listen? No one will understand?
You don't have the power to make this happen?
Fear is a powerful thing, no doubt, I struggle with it every day of my life.

Everyone does.

Even the most powerful, confident and successful people in the world, deal with fear every day. They just make a choice EVERYDAY, probably several times a day, to step outside of the fear and grab life. Grab joy. Grab success. And whether you believe it right now or not, you have the power and the choice to choose.
Choose to step outside of the fear, even if it's a teeny tiny baby step towards your goals and dreams.
Take the step. Pick up the pen and paper and write a sentence… Or even just one word. No one has to know but you. Sit, take a deep breath, close your eyes, quiet your mind and let the word come to you. Write it down. Quietly celebrate it.
You're done for today.