Process in Motion


I took this photo on Wednesday, three days into a busy week. First, because I wanted to share that even a Shwaying ninja can't be Shwayed all of the time.

Process in motion.

More importantly, I wanted to talk about the "Attitude of Gratitude" and how a simple mindset tweak can change any situation.
(As a professional feng shui consultant, I'm not recommending you let ANYTHING pile up ANYWHERE...I just want to share my point of view.)

When I look at this pile of mugs I see three days...
Monday through Wednesday x 2 = 6 mugs. Three days of morning coffee with my husband before we rush off into our days...and it actually makes me smile.

I love our morning coffee time. It is always the best part of the day.

This is where the attitude of gratitude comes in.

Gratitude is a powerful feeling and feelings shift energy. When you truly feel grateful and you extend those feelings out into every part of your life, life responds.

Energy follows thought. Switching your mindset from one of "lack" to one of "abundance" will create positive momentum in every part of your life particularly in your finances.

Everybody needs a process to keep this momentum going in their life. I have chosen feng shui to help me keep this momentum going. (However you choose to open yourself up to the work for your own growth is up to you, but feng shui is a nice option. ;)

Feng shui is my process and my guide for my inner and outer world. When I have an issue in my life I can physically go to that area in my home and make a change or an external shift. I can make an assessment of the space and figure out what I can do to help improve the imbalance.

For example, if you are struggling with your finances you can find the wealth area of your home. Take a look around and see if there's any clue to what is creating or adding to the imbalance in your life. Perhaps it's cluttered or that area is missing from your home or it's a room full of junk...Any of these things would create blocks.

In my feng shui practice if I find a block in my wealth area I can make that external shift in my environment (ie: remove clutter) to help support the internal shift in my life and the connection it has with my wealth.

The external affects the internal and the internal affects the external.
So I have two ways to analyze any problem, from the inside out or from the outside in.

Having this process in my life allows constant movement in my life because I can quickly get myself on blocked, unstuck and moving again.

Life is movement, life is change. I want to make sure I'm always moving and changing in the most positive way.

If I am not moving in the right direction I feel it, it begins to weigh me down. I can feel the resistance in my body. I can feel the resistance of my negative mindset...but the beauty is with the tools that I have in place and living my life from a place of AWARENESS I can recognize the blocks and the resistance and the heaviness and the negativity and SHAKE IT UP!

I can shift gears. I can make a choice.

I can choose to live from a place of lack, negativity and victim-hood or I can choose an attitude of gratitude and growth.

It's just a simple twist- and it changes everything.

How are you nurturing your finances today?